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hi BRO.... dead server ?
I see you are a GM now. Sup Rhen this is sope
Everyone please welcome @Jack to the BlackoutRO staff!
Congratulations to GOTM: March victors... Egg!
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All the rewards i am able to send have been mailed out. The rest will be provided by wolfie/redcar at their earliest convenience. Thanks for your cooperation and congrats to the winners of todays event!
can't wait to chek out the script!
I'll add them when the yellow one gets fixed xd
Now that everyone has access to a pre-setup AI, the ban on homunculi for the upcoming event has been lifted.
There is a download link in my signature for an AI. It is pre-modified to spam caprice. It is far from perfect, feel free to use it at your own discretion.
Registration to 15v15 February GOTM GVG is still open!!!
anyone with the kind heart who can return my robo ears thank you.
my nips are full of milk
Valentine's Day is almost here! <3
thank you for that hurtful reminder, Coojo. T_T
Another patch coming up in Feb 4, 2019. Turbo updates this year am I right or what ?
Consolation prizes for GoTM have been sent out!