wiz and sages are at a great disadvantage, here's why.

01-Mar, 20
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Wiz and sages on this server are at a great disadvantage. Due to the fact that 300 luk gives frozen status immunity.
And every pvp player here has 300 luk, because you don't need much of the total stats for vit and other stats, you always end up with an excess of 300 points which is for luk.

Wiz and sages are designed to control and mitigate damage through freezing.
And by having unfrozen and tao gunka, you allow people to basically double their hp and at the same time have unfrozen. It's like having 2 armor cards at the same time. This puts wiz and sages at a great disadvantage.

Because wiz and sage damage is designed to take on,
a player who has unfrozen but small hp or
has tgk and high hp but can be frozen.


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17-May, 16
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Not all classes are balanced in a sense but all have their own ways in winning but others just have too much of an upside. But on the context of the topic at hand, from low rate to mid rate and even high rate servers, being frozen was never a thing. There have been cards to counter this frozen status argument and from that alone makes your argument invalid.

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