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There are 3 ways to obtain a weapon:
-Buy it (from @go 25, or from a weapon shop, or from another player)
-Loot it (from its corresponding mob, @whodrops <itemid> will let you know)
-Forge it (only applies to some weapons, requires Blacksmith/Whitesmith)

So when you are forging you need a Hammer (usually from the forge dealer at @go 25)
You will also need an anvil and the reagents for the item you are making (i.e. Iron, Steel, etc)

When you craft a weapon you can add an element/with up to 2 star crumbs, or just 3 star crumbs on a plain weapon. ***Note this is highly ill-advised since material upgraded weapons have [0] always. Star crumbs add 10/20/40 ATK though.

If you are on the /Blacksmith leader board you will get an additional +10 ATK on your named weapons.

Sometimes additional steps may be taken to finish a weapon; these things might include socket enchantment which basically just adds slots to a weapon, refining the weapon, as well as designing a proper card configuration for optimal damage.

Read more about Socket Enchanting here as well as get a list of the items that you can do it on:

Refinement Bonus:
Weapon Level | Total Damage at +10
1 | +20
2 | +30
3 | +50
4 | +70
Ex. Wild Beast Claw = 160 base, it's level 4. So a +10 WBC = 160+70 ATK.

Refining is useful, albeit a small bonus on this server considering with 450+ STR you can easily reach 3,000 or more base attack meaning the difference between +4 and +1 is about 1.66%.

When you card your weapon you always want to use as many modifiers as you can whilst getting high returns.

Let's do 2 examples:

A) Fighting a Player, wearing Wind Armor.
(Player is a class, Player's race is always DemiHuman, Player's element is Wind(so enchant with Earth), Player's size is medium)
DemiHuman = Hydra Card, 20% increased damaged on DemiHuman
Wind = Mandragora Card, 20% increased damage against Wind element
Medium = Skeleton Worker Card, 15% increased damage on Medium size foes
Damage = Turtle General Card, 20% increased damage on all enemies

So and Palladin might use a Pike[4] with 2 Hydra, 1 Mandragora, 1 Turtle General Card since
1.4 * 1.2 * 1.2 = 2.016x

But an Assassin Cross might use a Katar of Quaking[3] with 1 Hydra, 1 Mandragora, 1 Turtle General since
1.2*1.2*1.2*1.5 = 2.592x (the *1.5 is from Earth hitting 150% on Wind foes)

B) Fighting a MVP, let's say Garm.
(Garm is a Boss class, Garm's Race is Brute, Garm's element is Water 4 (wind does 200%), Garm's size is Large)
Boss = Abysmal Knight, 25% increased damage on Boss class
Brute = Goblin Card, 20% increased damage on Brute race
Water 4 = Draniliar Card, 20% increased damage on Water element
Large = Drake Card, 25% increased damage on Small/Large Foes (Custom Effect)
Damage = TGC, 20% increased damage on all

So here the math is interesting since we have 2 possible 25% multipliers, and several 20% multipliers.
You might think 1.25*1.2*1.2*1.25 is best but you actually have a few options.

1.25 * 1.25 = 1.5625
1.2 * 1.2 = 1.44 * 1.5625 = 2.25
1.5 (2 abys) * 1.2 (turtle gen) = 1.8 (3 cards) * 1.25 (Drake) ~ 2.25

So if you have [4] you would want to definitely use at least:

1 Abysmal Knight
1 Drake Card
(1 more Abysmal or Drake Card)
and any 20% modifier card.

Remember that 1.2*1.25 = 1.5 and 1.25+1.25 ~ 1.5 such that using 2 copies of Abysmal Knight is approximately
as good as 1 Abysmal Knight with 1 Draniliar (against Water at least). This can be helpful when you want to make, say 5-10 weapons for EVERY MvP to be covered instead of having to make 20-30 weapons. I.e. if using 2 Abysmal instead of the Draniliar is just as good -- then this weapon won't be specific to Water anymore!

Hope this helps you guys in MvPs and PvPs, feel free to post questions.

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