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Worker Ant
Server Management Team
10-Sep, 16
Welcome to June 22 maintenance patch

We apologize in advance if you're very inpatient reading this lenghty update note. Due to real life circumstances, we are forced to compress applied updates that were previously approved several weeks ago into this maintenance update.

As always, please report any bugs/glitches you may encounter as soon as possible.


Fixed issue where reviving via Kaizel caused carts to be removed.​

Magnum Break
Changed its cooldown (from 0.7s to 0.5s) and removed its after cast delay.​
Cures Critical Wounds status.​
Increased after-cast delay.​
Pierces Golden Thief Bug Card bonus effect.​
Reflect Shield
Now properly reflects melee attacks while under devotion.​
Reflect knock-on max lowered from 750,000 to 400,000 (read here for more information regarding reflect damage mechanics).​
Original Damage
Intended Reflect Damage
Actual Reflect Damage
Tarot Card of Fate
Fixed an issue when drawing 'The Sun' won't disable using Tarot on that target for the status's duration.​
Also, 'The Sun' will not appear if the target already has it active.​

Throw Tomahawk
SP cost increased to 30 (previously 15)​
Modified its ATK% formula = 125 + (HIT / 3)​
Fixed an issue when Mini Tomahawk is not consumed.​
Slim Potion Pitcher
[Only applies to GvG-mode maps] Added 0.2 secs cool down while increasing its healing power approximately twice [x2].​
Heal per second rate remains the same.​
I'll Save You [Marriage-exclusive Skill]
[Only applies to GvG-mode maps] Added 0.2 secs cool down while increasing its healing power approximately thrice [x3].​
Heal per second rate remains the same.​

Includes changes to skill mechanics affecting characters in a GVG-mode environment like War of Emperium.
  • All Wars of Emperium now have two open castles.
  • War of Emperium rotations are now 3 weeks long before the region rotates (previously 5 weeks). Example rotation for a Wednesday WoE:
    • Week 1: payg_cas01 & payg_cas02
    • Week 2: payg_cas03 & payg_cas04
    • Week 3: payg_cas05 & payg_cas01
    • Week 4: gefg_cas01 & gefg_cas02
    • Week 5: gefg_cas03 & gefg_cas04
    • etc.
  • Guild skills (Battle Orders, Regeneration, Restore and Emergency Call) no longer share the same cooldown timers.
Includes changes to mechanics within Battlegrounds environment.
  • Pets are disabled within any Battlegrounds mode.
  • Fixed an issue when uniform colors being removed after using 'Hiding' skill.
  • Asura Strike now fails (no requirements consumed) when used on friendly targets in Battlegrounds.
Includes changes affecting official Ragnarok Online and BlackoutRO-exclusive quests and instances.

Scaraba's Hole is now open.​
  • The first level (dic_dun01) is open to everyone via the Warpa and @warp, however, if you want access to the lower two levels, you will need to complete the prerequisite quests.
  • All equipment and card drops are completely customized.
  • Added new Mini-Game 'Bombring Dodger'.
  • Decreased global mini-game cooldown to 1 minute (previously 15 minutes).
  • Decreased individual mini-game cooldown to 60 minutes (previously 120 minutes).
Includes changes to script codes to official Ragnarok Online and BlackoutRO-exclusive NPCs.

Amatsu Headgear Quests Added Pocket Watch Hair Ornament, Smokie Transformation Leaf.​
Battlegrounds Shops
  • Added Bolt scroll boxes (1,000z), Ninja Stone boxes (1,000z), Magic Decoy Doll (1,000 War Badges), Ghostring Hat (1,200 War Badges), Side Hat (1,200 War Badges), Soaring Bird (1,500 Badges).
  • Added 'Consumables Exchange' NPC, which sells normal consumables you can use anywhere. Sells Box of Panting Box, Cobweb Box, Condensed White Box, Acid Demo Box, Elemental Converter Boxes.
Donation Credit Store Added Name Change Coupon (1 Donation Credit), Mysterious Dyestuff (4 Donation Credits)​
Hunter's Token Store Added Gyphon Hat (25 Hunter Tokens)​
Mini-Game Credit Store Added Mysterious Dyestuff (150 Mini-Game Credits)​
Headgear Recolour NPC (Raiyn):
  • Added color reverter function (25M zeny)
  • Added items to headgear recolour: Angel Wing Heart, Bell Ribbon, Crazy In Love Aura, Eremes Scarf, Flower Bunny Hat, Frilled Flower Collar, Icicle Wings, Light Up Scarf, Music Ring, Mythical Wings, Snowflake Wings, Snowman Balloon, Sweet Balloon Hat, Yummy Popsicle.
Manny NPC (mass item seller, amatsu 155 103) Now accepts more types of items to mass-sell other than just Gokurin.​
Wolf Boy Added 2 new "Mark" quests.​

Includes changes to script codes to official Ragnarok Online and BlackoutRO-exclusive items (consumables, equipments, etc.)

Diabolus Robe/Diabolus Ring combo bonus
Now properly displays ATK increase​
MVP and Mini-Boss Cards
Can no longer be sold to NPC (this includes equipment they are compounded to).​

Tendrillion Card
Re-added to the server.​
New Effect: "Grants 75% immunity to dispel (including Tarot Card of Fate dispel). Increase dispel immunity by 2% per refine. Reduces all incoming magical damage by 40% at the cost of doubling SP consumption."​
Job Suits
Can no longer equip weapons while wearing them (job sprites equiping weapons they wouldn't normally be able to was causing the infamous "resource error...")​


  • Added command @getstorage.
    • Attempts to retrive n amount of item id from your storage.
    • Usage: @getstorage <item id> <amount>
    • E.g. @getstorage 13006 6 - try to retreive 6x Khukri from storage.
  • Added command @autopot.
    • Attempts to auto-use healing/usable items according to parameters.
    • Usage: @autopot <hp/sp> <percent> <delay (ms)> <item id>
    • E.g. @autopot hp 75 100 547 - use Condensed White Potion every 100ms when HP is below 75%.
    • Use '@autopot on' to activate the command once you have configured it.
  • Added command @packetfilter.
    • On Battlegrounds (BG) and Guild vs Guild (GvG) maps, can hide item usage and public chat of other players.
    • Usage: @packetfilter <options>
    • E.g. @packetfilter CI - hide item usage and pubic chat of other players.
Homunculus Changes Increased Homunuculus SP regeneration rate by 50%.​
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Worker Ant
Server Management Team
10-Sep, 16
Some quick refresher for everyone related to the changes applied:

Golden Thief Bug and Tendrillion Cards
  • Golden Thief Bug Card provides 98% resistance to Sage Dispell, has anti-Coma status effect properties
  • Tendrillion Card provides 75% resistance to Sage Dispel and Tarot Card of Fate Dispel [at +0 Shield]
Reflect mechanic
  • Reflect % bonuses from Reflect Shield and Card/Equipments do not stack together.
  • Instead, reflect bounce back damage will be applied in a separate basis [Assuming that target has Reflect Shield buff and wears card/equipment like Orc Lord Card-attached armor]
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22-Jun, 20
Hi, may I suggest adding poison bottle to the 'Consumables Exchange' NPC as well? Since acid bottle, bop and etc are already there I don't see why not.

P.S. i just realized I misspelled assassin on my name.


Worker Ant
Server Management Team
10-Sep, 16
Another follow-up for those interested to enter lower 2 levels of Scaraba's Hole dungeon [dic_dun02 and dic_dun03],
  1. You need to finish New World prerequisite quests.
  2. After finishing Ring of the Wise King quest, proceed to finishing Sapha's Visit quest, then start Doha's Secret Orders quest.
  3. In the middle of attempting to finish Doha's Secret Order's quest, you should be able to access remaining levels of this new dungeon.
  4. There are missing portals leading to indoor buildings in El Dicastes town. {I wasn't sure if this applies to everyone]
  5. You are still able to @warp to those indoor buildings to talk to certain NPCs while finishing your quests.
  6. Newly customized equipment and cards are included in the item database in Control Panel.
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21-Feb, 17
Does anyone by any chance know the coordinates to that Adventure Clerk NPC? That's the last bit of the Sapha's Visit that I cant enter since it has no portal.

Edit: And kareka as well, the NPC that supposedly will enchant the lights
21-Feb, 17
I found it!

Adventure Clerk: dic_in01 40 259
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Kareka is at dic_in01 353 35
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These are the coordinates you will need to complete "For Doha's Secret Orders," to access the portless parts of El Dicastes:

1. The pub owner is Shay and his coordinates are dic_in01 245 114
2. Archive room is where you can obtain certificates to trade for information with BK and meet with Ahat - dic_in01 36 197
3. The first Diel Guard you talk to before reaching Ahat - dic_in01 138 225
4. Secret Adjutant is in dic_in01 294 296
5. Jarute Heslanta is in dic_in01 158 188
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