Update: January 31, 2022 @ 2:00

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Worker Ant
Server Management Team
10-Sep, 16
Welcome to January 31, 2022 maintenance patch,

Are you surprised we are still updating this server? So do we.
First, let us give detailed information on what we updated.

Item Redeeming Services: I re-organized the items sold on sub-shops under this NPC. We updated the price tag as well.​
  • Donation Credit store continues to sell utility items. Check out updated headgear being sold now!
  • Legacy Credit store is basically exchange function for donation credits.
  • Mini-Game Credit store will only sell equipment (mostly headgear and accessories), in my opinion, that is used for PVP/GVG purposes.
  • War of Emperium Credit store will only sell cheaper fashion headgears for 2, 10 and 50 WOE credits respectively. Headgear to be sold are rotated every week.
Battlegrounds Shop:
  • Donation Credits are sold under Miscellaneous section for 100 War Badges each. Discount won't apply.
  • Some headgears are moved to either Mini-Game Credit or War of Emperium Credit stores.
Hunter Token Shop:
  • We are assigning this shop to sell rare weapons like Excalibur or Soaring Bird.
  • Some headgears are moved to either Mini-Game Credit or War of Emperium Credit stores.
Mysterious Crane:
  • Class B-D headgears are moved to be sold under War or Emperium Credit store.
  • Increase Umbral Token to 2 for class S headgears (no longer call them Class S/A)
Battlegrounds Happy Hour
  • Now has a maximum of 8-hour delay (previously random from 4~8 hours)
  • Each Battlegrounds game reduces time until next happy hour by 15 minutes.

  • Soaring Bird dispel bonus increased to 8% per refine above +5.
  • Fixed an issue where some Biolab Lv 3 and Lv 4 mobs don’t drop random elemental converters when Professor Card-attached accessory is worn.
  • Added/updated item description to Shinigami’s Curse headgear.

WHY WE REORGANIZE SHOP ITEMS? We want to restructure this way to make it easier for us to add new headgears in the future.
Later on, we are slowly adding major content to apply fixes stabilizing server economy and making it affordable to new players still planning to show up lol
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