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10-Sep, 16
Welcome to February 14, 2022 maintenance patch,

We're having a Valentine's Day event this year!
Hoping everyone will take advantage for these perks throughout the day and the 15th:
  • LoveLove Balloon headgear farming quest
  • 10% discount sale in Mini-game, WoE, Donation, Event credit shops.

These are the changes applied to the game:

Adding Pawnshop NPC (Rachel)
  • Located inside Hall of Fame map (@go 28)
  • Exchanges your 5 Mini-game Credit or 1 War of Emperium Credit for 10 War Badges.
    • Opens bi-weekly (Ex. Opens at Week 1, Closes at Week 2, Opens at Week 3, etc...)
  • Sells 10 War Badges for certain amount of zeny.
    • Opens every Saturday of the month (at least 4x a month)
    • Initial price is 20 million zeny per 10 War Badges.
    • Price changes depending on how much War Badges are sold. (Only triggers every first Saturday of the month)
Adding Tax Collector custom instance
  • When people use some NPC which take zeny, some of that zeny goes towards the tax collector.
  • On the last day of each month, a random online player has a chance to get an Event Credit depending on tax collected.
    • Also, a monster will spawn which drops an Event Credit.
  • A 0.01% vending tax is implemented.
  • Identifier, Sex Change and Shrinker NPCs are removed to be changed into command entries instead (@identify, @changesex and @size).
    • Only applies to town maps.
  • Removed zeny cost from Amatsu headgear quests.
  • Several in-game description fixes.

For returning players, keep yourself informed with these last, few update notes below:
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