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From the Staff The Glory Days Return: A Discussion


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12-Sep, 16
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Shoe Shiner/RuthIess
Addressing concerns about glorious armors/rings:
1) Without the palliative limit, you guys gotta nerf these armor cards [Boitata, Gopinich, Ifrit, and Ktullanux].
2) What happens to cards like Champion Card, Paladin, Hardrock Mammoth, Tendrillion?
3) Bradium Rings [1] existed before along with glorious rings.
4) What about slotting paladin, hardrock mammoth, tendrillion cards in accessories to give 4-6% more damage to earth, fire, and wind element property?
5) Champion Card can be used as PvP/BG card like +15% heal to Champion Classes
6) Revert shield card effects on tatacho, aqua elemental, draco, etc as defensive switch utility cards to allow for more practical use in BG/PVP/WoE
1) I was thinking of reducing those armor cards to 30%.
2) No plans at the moment, this may chance depending on how this patch changes the meta
3) bradium ring is 2% increase right?
4) This has some potential implementation
5) Does champion need a buff? They are already kings of pvp.
6) I'm not entirely sure why these were all changed. iirc it was changed because of 100% neutral resistance. Which imo isn't even viable in most situations. I can't see why these can't be changed back

Glorious Weapons Suggestions
1) Balance these out in BG/PVP by making these weapons breakable
2) Add custom effect to increase damage taken from demi humans by 5-10% while keeping current Slaughter effect
1) This would somewhat balance it in pvp but most BG games have bios so it wouldn't change much
2) I'd have to test how much this would affect overall damage in a woe situation. In pvp and bg it would be decent.
You could potentially add negative demi human resistance based on refine rate?

Skills Related
1) Lex Aeterna needs to be adjusted
2) Ankle Snares need to have default HP again
3) Previous mheal adjustments only made acolyte classes the meta as mhealer. Revert it back to allow guilds to be creative or simply remove mheal entirely and buff PP and SPP further in WoE.
4) Sharpshoot Range needs adjustment for BG and WoE balance [I suggest 13-14 at max]
1) Maybe tweak to 1.5x damage or not pierce GTB
2) I think at the moment they are definitely too strong
3) I agree. That vit update tunnelled mheal into one job. PP and SPP have been buffed.
4) Well the damage falls off and the defender pierce has been removed so it may not be as strong as before - may require testing to see real results.

Other stuff
1) WoE times and frequency need adjustment to cater to more timezones especially on weekends. Let's face it. Nobody really WoEs on weekdays.
2) 3D glasses need buffs on bonus from refine rate. Suggestion [5 x (Refine/3)] With additional Matk +2% on +10.
3) Creator Cards need slight nerf in BG
4) Addition of other cards that boost MATK
5) Addition of customized weapons/armors that add 5-10% elemental resists to following specific classes: Sniper and Gunslinger
1) I agree, this was going to be one of the next topics to talk about
2) Previously it was 5 x refine/2 so maybe revert back to that?
3) I agree.
4) Maybe introduction of Zakudam card( 10% magic damage against demi-humans)
5) This is to make these jobs less of a liability in woe? Could look into beefing them up a little bit. Currently when I find a devo'ed sniper in woe I can kill his paladin by myself.

Things worth looking at in the future:
1) Raising the current max hp by 150,000-300,000 points. This allows for more Vit play to be considered for paladins.
2) Customized Bard/Gypsy songs effects to balance out the Tarot Card Nerf.
3) Other modes on weekdays to replace WoE. GvG or BG based.
4) Addition of cheap WoE supply NPC [Only usable inside Castles]
5) Mandy for Admin as always
1) I can see the benefits of this. People may not like it though
2) Would require quite a lot of work to make them viable and balanced
3) return of KoE, potential for draft woe? see here (adaption would be required)
4) Zeny currently has very little use. The one big use for it is for supplies right?
5) lel
02-Dec, 18
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WOW i Miss this server so much ! I played back in 2008 and tbh it was the best of times. Hopefully the server returns back to its peak days (cannot wait until it does). Back when i played the prominent guilds in the server were guild such as Resonance, Apostyasy, United, The Covenant, Descent, UB, Velocity, Fallen, LoD, Thug Ultimatum, TP, Tainted Bloodlines, and my favorite pvp guild Super Bunny lol. Best of luck everyone, i really hope this server gets back up there sooner rather than later. I will definitely play again once my schedule opens back up.
19-Jan, 19
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1) Hire a psychiatrist
2) Monthly mental check up for the players
3) Quack quack

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