Guide thanatos tower mvp summon coordinate guide


18-Feb, 17
talk to man @
hu_fild01 140 163 <<--- start here if you never done thanatos tower on your character yet

talk to desk lady @
tha_t01 147 74

talk to machine @
tha_t03 66 67 lvl 4 wep <<--- start here if you done it before on the character

talk to machine @
tha_t04 185 188 solve puzzle

it asks for numbers in order you have a limited num. tries
I like to try 1 5 9 first. Any nums 1 - 9 are allowed, no repeats.

talk to machine @
tha_t05 63 176

in first dialogue box put: Red Key
in next dialogue box put: Yellow Key

talk to machine @
tha_t06 226 226

inspect wheels:
1 2 3 1 1 [option to press on each wheel]
then on last change recieve @
Green Key

talk to fireplace @
tha_t06 200 182

1-observe it
2-always click second choice

warp @
tha_t06 120 120
talk then get black charm
you will warp and then relog (or @die) (or run to tha_t07, but stairs long)

warp @
tha_t08 46 65
get 2nd charm*

warp @
tha_t08 47 147
get 3rd charm*

warp @
tha_t08 91 150
get 4th charm*

warp @
tha_t08 91 59
get 5th charm*

now you got all the charm stones, go load tha_t12. the color on the statue match the charm.

when the statue read:
The statue has such a strong light that I can't see or touch it.

otherwise you load all the charms:
there is 5 statue around area, then portal open in middle (tha_t12)

otherwise someone else already open and inside fighting thanatos:
go in portal nearby (tha_t12 130 51)


18-Feb, 17
Why have one day I go tha_t12 and go to the floor last MVP thana boss ??/hmm/hmm
Previously not done yet Quest
If a player does the quest for you, you will be able to go inside. However, you will need the quest done in order to open thana_boss. Like I said though if someone else does the quest, you can @warp tha_t12 and walk in the already open boss area.
21-Apr, 17
It's really frustrating. You can't even tell when the gate was opened. It keeps saying "shining bla bla bla" after more than 6 hours


18-Feb, 17
Well the cooldown is 2 hours unless its changed here.

Could ask for the NPC to display kill clock like other MVPs tombstone although it might require a global variable to allow all 5 gem shrines to reply with the data.

Keep in mind part of hunting Thanatos is competition and maybe this was designed intentionally.


18-Feb, 17
Nice, yes mine is basically a short hand version of that guide with every coordinate (ones you can actually warp to instead of sometimes landing on the NPC and being randomly warped) haha. This was originally made for non-English speakers as it translates decently.
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