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Server Management Team
10-Sep, 16
In this post, we are addressing revision of server rules and regulations that BlackoutRO staff started since 2019 and some leniency on speaking other languages currently happening in Amatsu.

Last year, we discussed several changes to server rules and regulations that seemed out-of-date and convoluted to enforce. Majority of staff members that time agreed to apply these changes. These changes will be published to our website later on. These changes are the following:

English in Amatsu Rule
Abolished. Inquiries/feedback/ticket requests must be in English. Players can speak to their native language if a staff member is fluent to it.​

Player to Player Gambling [aka DICE]
Our stand is it's not prohibited. However if things go wrong, we cannot intervene. Do it at your risk.​

Macro Software Use [AutoHotKey or third party programs].
Allowed in most cases except the following [List may be updated]: Automated Item Gathering [aka AFK farming, botting, etc]​
Reporting Exploitable Bugs/Glitches
Bounty System will be applied to encourage people to report. Rewards would be subjectively decided by staff/developers based on the severity of the bug. In the case of severe issues, players would be investigated and possibly interrogated before any reward is given, to ensure they didn't abuse the bug. Implementing procedures will be posted later.​

Automated Item Gathering [aka AFK farming, botting]
Penalties will be harsher due to macro software use rule changes.​
GRF editing for Cosmetic Purposes
Our stand is we do not prohibit it. However, we cannot give you related technical support to help you out. Do it at your risk.​
Due to these changes, standardized penalties for rule violations will be updated. We'll keep you posted to these changes in the future.

Thank you for understanding,

Community Manager, Server Management Team

PS: If you have issues Installing BlackoutRO lately, please read the thread below:
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