Ranked GVG Ladder: Inaugural Release


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09-Nov, 18
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Hello guys, I hope you're all having an awesome time!

What's New?

The GvG Ranking Ladder is here! Weekly and monthly rewards are given for those who show the team strength to be at the top!
Ranking table is located in Control Panel.

What changed?

Along the GvG Ladder official release, changes were made to the PvP Ranked Ladder system. Keep in mind that rank ladder is still in Beta Testing mode which means it's more likely to change in terms of aspects including but not limited to, mechanics, naming, point calculation, and rank calculation.
  • Rating points' range for ranks is now wider.
  • You now have the option to go back to waiting room when you make a kill.
  • Devotion skill is disabled in PvP ranked map.
  • When you made a kill or died, a message will appear displaying for both you and your opponent with:
    Current rating and rating gained/lost after that kill/death.
Ranked PVP rules and mechanics are posted here.

Additional Note: If you guys agree or disagree with any of the changes made please let us know your thoughts and try to be as respectful as possible about it instead of showing toxic attitude about it (which I haven't seen yet, so thank you for that ^^). We try to give you guys the best experience possible. We care deeply to your opinions!

Coming Soon...

For those of you who enjoy MVP hunting and PvM overall more than PvP, we've got you covered, soon you guys will have your own ranked ladder in which to shine in, being placed as best of the best and also being rewarded for it!!

Let us know below what your concerns, questions and uncertainties might be and we'll provide you with some insight. Asking publicly might answer someone else's questions too, don't be shy!

Stick around for latest updates and upcoming events!
Tell your friends and bring them all aboard!

*Tips Hat*
- Pixellius

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