Old timer

03-Jan, 19
Hi everyone!

I'm Gawd, an old folk looking to get back in RO in a casual way.

A little bit on me:
I'm almost 30, meaning I now work as a pharmacist and have finally left my parent's basement. I started playing RO with my best friend back in 2005 when we were around 14 years old. I've only played in private SHR servers and we "almost" got our own private server in 2007, but lacked the money needed to get it running after building it... Soon after that, I stopped playing RO when I got in college, and after a 7 years pause, I'm looking for a hobby to spend my somewhat rare free time on (if the girlfriend lets me, of course). With all the hype surrounding RO mobile, it got me interested in playing RO again, so here I am looking for a fun server, hoping Blackout is the one I'm looking for!

Don't hesitate to ask me questions or if you need the wisdom of an old dude.

See you soon IG!


Sorry Eh?
Former Staff Member
03-May, 17
Nice to see another Canadian here! We seem to be a rare breed on bRO. Welcome!
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