Solved Old Player Back but All Gone?

24-Sep, 19
I am back and i just noticed everything is gone from my account. It wasnt hacked but my characters are plain, i tried deleting some old ones and
it says verify with the password. I verify and it says wrong email LOL. WTF.

The music in the game is buggy. The beat sounds off.

My items are gone. Its all gone. Recovery doesnt work. It says unauthorized yet im logged in. I even
remembered my login by luck. Wish i can get my items and coin back. I had a %#!@ ton.
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Here to help
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12-Sep, 16
Shoe Shiner/RuthIess
Hey mate,

There was a item wipe in 2016 which cleared everything.

This may be why you have no items.

It was voted by the community at the time since the server had to be rebuilt.
24-Sep, 19
Man thats gonna be a hard grind. I dont see the point of account recovery if it doesnt really recover anything.

I have my characters but no sense in having them if everything is 0, stats, items, everything. Its only good if you
get hacked but so far it hasnt worked so its null.

Im glad its back though. I cant even get the original RO going.
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