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Worker Ant
Server Management Team
10-Sep, 16
Lately, our server population is increasing gradually mainly due to the on-going pandemic. BlackoutRO Staff cannot hide our happiness to this progress but there's more work to do in our end. During this scenario, we are also amplifying our external marketing efforts to introduce the server to general public especially returning players from its inaugural opening at 2006. Because of this, we are sharing some brief reminders.

If you played BlackoutRO from 2006-2016 and forgot your account details, please submit a private support ticket in the link below to begin the recovery process. You should able to access this link from your patcher, too.

For all players, we are reminding you to check your account email address to update it to a non-Yahoo/Hotmail account. We recall that there are issues between our control panel and those email providers I mentioned.

Although BlackoutRO is not a Fortune 500 company, please be advised that you should not share your account passwords with anyone. If you must, change your passwords regularly. If you suspect an anomaly with your account, do not hesitate to send us your private support ticket.

Thank you for your attention and have fun as always,

Community Manager, Server Management Team
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