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Worker Ant
Server Management Team
10-Sep, 16
Hey everyone,

We are doing major house cleaning to our character database. We intend to remove roughly 900 thousand inactive characters.​

The reason for the database clean is to free up character names from accounts that will likely never be used again. To keep cherishing memories of these characters, please pay attention to these important messages.​
  1. If you logged in your bRO account since 2012, you and your characters are safe. Life still goes on for you.​
  2. If you haven't logged in your bRO account since before 2012, you need to log-in and your characters will be safe.​
  3. Characters whose last login was before January 1, 2012 WILL BE DELETED.
  4. If those soon-to-be deleted characters are leaders of a guild, the guild will be disbanded.
  5. Guild storage of deleted guilds will be moved into the guild master's storage. If you store any items in the storage of a guild led by an inactive character, please withdraw those items.​

Inactive character deletion process
is on August 1, 2022
at a time yet to be decided!!!

Thank you for your quick attention,
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