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10-Sep, 16
Fellow bRO players,​

Continuing rehabilitation or fine-tune upgrade of existing server features in BlackoutRO, our next item in the agenda is retiring rental equipment and upgrading standard battle headgear. We felt that our existing beginner equipment package isn't appealing enough to bring new players to try our server and old players to return back. In this patch, we will start the process with transition phase.

Exchanging Rental Tickets and Rental Equipment
We are making Battlegrounds Manager NPC to exchange
existing rental tickets and rental equipment into War Badges.

1 Rental Ticket --> 5 War Badges
1 Rental Headgear --> 20 War Badges

Rental tickets sold in Battlegrounds Manager will be taken out.
Rental Ticket shop in Item Redeeming Services NPC will close as well.

Converting Existing NX- Headgears
Next, we convert existing NX-type equipment in the server (such as NX Angel Ripper) into its slotted version.
After this patch, Amatsu Headgears NPCs will offer slotted version of these headgears to be made.

The following headgears will be sold
in BlackoutRO Shopping Mall for 100 million zeny each:
NX Black Dark Helmet
NX Drooping Leaf Cat
NX Gothic Ribbon
NX Heart Feather
NX Holy Essence
NX Medical Eye Patch
NX Night Ring
NX Pikachu Ears
NX Split Ice Cream

New Beginner Equipment Package
Existing beginner equipment package (that you currently own before)
will be converted as costume headgear.
Criatura Hat Attack
Criatura Hat Magic
Hexagon Glasses
Beginner Sign Attack
Beginner Sign Magic
Beginner Sign Resist
If you converted these headgears into costumes prior to this patch,
then you can revert it back at Costume Converter NPC and refund your Costume Ticket(s).

After this patch, players creating new characters will get an upgraded beginner equipment package:
NX Angel Ripper
NX Rabbit in the Hat
NX Band Aid
NX 3D Glasses
NX Deviruchi Wings
NX Sage Ring
NX Retribution Wings

Neutral Barrier Robe
Elemental Barrier Robe
HP Supplement Barrier Robe
Hidden Cardigan
Resistance Shield

Costume Criatura Academy Hat
Costume Hexagon Glasses
Costume Beginner Sign

Afterwards, the next phase will include upgrading and simplifying
PVP custom headgear bonuses
, at an unspecified timeline
so do not throw those headgear you own away!
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