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Worker Ant
Server Management Team
10-Sep, 16
Greetings everyone,
  • Please keep in mind this notice about inactive character clean-up. Once August 1 passes, those inactive characters are gone.​
  • We thank players who participated and who gave feedback to our new server feature called PVP Gauntlet. More changes are coming based on your feedback we heard. The next job class in rotation next week is Crusader-class.​
  • We want to share our thanks to GM-Angeling for his service as Event Game Master as he's retiring. We are opening an open application for Junior Game Master due to this scenario. If you're interested to help players navigating gameplay in bRO, while providing some help to improve it, then send your messages to me or any staff member either throught this forum board or bRO Discord channel. There will be an interview screening process for new applicants to see if you're a worthy candidate willing to take some responsibilities well.​
  • Lately, you'll notice these monster hunt events happening in the server such as this
    The Leaf Cat Hunt is about to start! Type '@warp ayothaya' to join!
    Well these are improvements we applied to the "Poring Event!" Pay attention to your screen and DIscord IRC bot in order to catch up these!​
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