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10-Sep, 16
At some point in your bRO life, you notice that you get 1 War Badge or Mini Game Credit randomly. It's because of activity points system that was launched several years ago. However, things happened, and it's being applied in-game at incomplete phase.​

Today, we are reintroducing this reward system again and this time it's established completely and improved!​
This will happen after July 20 server maintenance.​

What are these Activity Points? Is this something that make us rich?
Activity Points are earned in-game through showing up and actually do something.
In our server, we established something new to the current system so you can hoard
these points without losing them.

So, how do we actually earn those Activity Points now after reintroducing them?
You earn these points by doing these following activities in-game:

Playing existing mini games
Killing MVP monsters outside MVP arena (That includes MVP monsters from Sage's Abracadabra's Class Change)
Participating the fun during War of Emperium hours
You broke an Emperium inside guild castle during War of Emperium hours
Killing monsters throughout Midgard (So your "farming" duties will worth something)
Participating enough time inside Battlegrounds
Getting kills while playing Battlegrounds
Participating enough time inside PVP Gauntlet

Ok, now I know how to get these points, how do we exchange it to something good?
Your earned Activity Points can be traded to War Badges
from Item Redeeming Services NPC in Amatsu
every Sunday at 13:00 Server Time (GMT + 0)

(That's one hour before Sunday War of Emperium schedule)

Exchange Rate
1 Activity Point = 5 War Badges
If you reached more than 50 Activity Points, there's a 10% War Badge bonus added
You can also keep your activity points to earn more interest too!

To our existing player base, your accumulated
activity points in the past are eligible
to be redeemed in the new system!
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