My BRo crashes whenever i log in my Character

13-Aug, 20
Hi. Im new here. I ve been playing this game for 3 days. It was smooth but today. Whenever i log in my Sniper character, which is my main, it crashes.

I made a whitesmith before for vending and trading and when i log it in, it doesnt crash.

What i noticed is my sniper is in @go 10 while my whitesmith is @go25.

Please help me. Thanks /sob


Sorry Eh?
Former Staff Member
03-May, 17
Try logging into the control panel and follow this:
1) Click Manage Your Account
2) Click on the name of the problem character(s)
3) Click on "Reset Position" as shown in the screenshot
13-Aug, 20
Hello Sir. I just did what you said and the sniper still crashes.
Now I went to amatsu with my whitesmith, now he crashes too.
I also tried install and uninstall. Still the same.

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