Class Guide Lazy Hand SinX MVP Build

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17-Feb, 17
Lebaran Kuda
Here's the good old left click sinX mvp for you lazy mofos, who crying about the difficulty in mvping in bRO
This guide is presented for you lazy mofos who's too lazy to toggle the button for sura-ing the damn mvp

The stats:

STR: 450
AGI: until max aspd while sitting in quagmire
DEX: until no cast while sitting in quagmire
VIT: 200-210
LUK: 370-380
INT: put it a little for extra sp for spamming MA to clear the mvp mobs

The equipments:
  • Headgear Top: Alice Doll[1] ~ STR +1
  • Headgear Middle/Low: Anything up to your budget, priority for increase damage/STR
  • Weapon: 2x Orcish Axe[4]
  • Armor: Valk Armor[1]/Glit Jacket[1]
  • Garment: Wool Scarf[1]
  • Footgear: Tidal Shoes[1]
  • Accessories: Ring[1]/Cursed Hand[1]

Axes as weapon is the best for MVP hunting, since most MVPs are in large size.
If you a diligent mofo, go get each pair for each size type of monster
  • Daggers vs small size monster
  • Swords vs medium size monster
  • Axes vs large size monster

The Cards:
  • Headgear:
    • Vanberk ~ STR + 1 and Crit Proc, must wear at least one
    • Orc Hero ~ VIT + 3, not a must, just for adding some tankiness
  • Armor:
    • RSX ~ Anti Knockback, first priority
    • Gloom ~ Extra Burst, second priority
    • Ghost ~ Lesser damage from earthquake and stuff, second priority
  • Weapon:
    • Abysmal Knight ~ Extra damage to MVP, nuff said
    • Golem ~ Weapon immunity to break
    • The Paper ~ Extra damage when critting
  • Garment
    • Alliot ~ Extra HP for thief class
    • Giant Whisper ~ Lesser extra HP than Alliot but gain extra ATK and CRIT
  • Footgear
    • Matyr ~ Extra HP, nuff said
    • Eddga ~ Permanent Endure
  • Accessories
    • Owl Duke & Baron combo
If you got Eddga, you can cast away RSX CMIIW (dunno if endure from eddga prevent knockback) /wah

Also if against a stripper hoe mvp (i.e. ifrit), go get some FCP from any creators

  • Any Endow weapon scroll ~ more damage with right element combination, dunno if its already implemented again in the new bRO, if not you can ask some prof to buff you
  • Cursed water ~ since no endow shadow weapon for vs holy element, or when against ghost type mvp
  • Aloevera ~ self provoke, more ATK
  • Yggs and EDP, nuff said /hmm

Here's the thing, the key is make your sinX as tank as possible, the weapon setup is already the best for mvp hunting.
the stats is pretty decent for crit sinX in bRO.

You only need the very accurate click on the damn mvp, so the rest thing happen is your sinX bursting the MVP and scratch your d*ck or something while watching your hp for ygg

This particular mvp hunter build is slower than a friggin nutcase tryhard toggle chumps a.k.a the asura nutcase douche who ks you very often

But no worries, if you turn the /noks on, as long as you got the very first hit with EDP on the mvp (first to deal 5m damage, if you burst first 5m damage is in seconds), surely MVP is yours as long as you're not lagging and dead because of it

I'm too lazy to do the calculating, here's some test result on a garm:
  • EDP on, around 40k damage per hit
  • EDP on + aloe, around 50-60k damage per hit
  • EDP on + Endow/Cursed water, around 80k damage per hit
  • EDP on + Endow/Cursed water + aloe, around 90-95k damage per hit
nothing to worries about the EDP buff, in most case mvps are dead while the EDP buff still up

now the secret is out /gg
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12-May, 16
haha but based in your net for fasr spam skill op spam f in usaaaaa..... asia average

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