Intro for old memories :D

29-Sep, 18
Hi Blackout-ers,

Cant wait to meet new friend in game, almost 9 years.. wew.. lots memory (Farming, WoE, PVPing, Trading and got scammed by kids LOL) :D

Btw I am start all over from bottom, so its gonna be hard to farm and etc,

Looking forward who willingly to share some tips :D,
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Sorry Eh?
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03-May, 17
scammed by kids
I see you are indeed a veteran bRO player! Welcome back~

If you're just getting started again i would look at this leveling guide here:

After you level up, i usually recommend people give this a quick read: Its a bit out of date at this point but the principle is about the same. The major difference would be involving BG and the war badge prizes which you could learn by going to @go 28 and speaking to the NPC's there.

Also, it does help to look at the wiki here:

Good luck~

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