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We are dedicating this information to this old guide below.

For returning old BlackoutRO players and to those new to the Ragnarok Online game itself, here's some brief background information.
  1. Ragnarok Online, not just BlackoutRO, has a marriage system which gives access to its own special skills. Read this iRO Classic wiki article for more information.
  2. The marriage skill "I'll Save You" became a common staple to current BlackoutRO GVG metagame. We will go over this skill in detail in the following section.​
  3. Most official mechanics of marriage and divorce system remain unchanged.​
I'll Save You
Official RO Description:
Consume 10% of one`s HP to restore 10% of your partner`s HP.

BlackoutRO Current Description:
Consume 10% of one`s HP to restore [Base VIT / 45] % of your partner`s HP.
Consumes 30 SP per use

[February 4, 2020]
  • Increased SP cost to 30 SP
  • HP gained is based on the caster's Base VIT. New formula is [ (Base VIT / 450) * 10 ]%. Minimum is 1%, Maximum is 10%.
[November 21, 2017]
  • Now affected by Critical Wounds status effect.
[August 3, 2017]
  • Skill will fail if Maximum HP is less than 10.
  • Increased SP Cost to 15.
In order to utilize I'll Save You's healing capabilities at its maximum, the caster should possess these items.
  • Lord Knight Card [- 50% Max HP] [Attached to Headgear slot] - Mandatory to get this card at least one piece. The old guide above recommends players to possess 2 of these. [- 50 + (-50) = - 100% Max HP]
  • Lady Tanee Card [- 40% Max HP] [Attached to Foot gear slot] - If you're able to afford to get one Lord Knight Card, you can use this card too, then add another Dark Illusion Card. [- 50 + (-40) + (-10) = - 100% Max HP]
  • Dark Illusion Card [- 10% Max HP] [Attached to Headgear slot] - If you're able to afford to get one Lord Knight Card, you can use this card too, then add another Lady Tanee Card. [- 50 + (-40) + (-10) = - 100% Max HP]
With these settings, the caster should receive 1 HP after wearing equipment with these attached cards.
However after August 3, 2017 patch, I'll Save You skill won't work this way yet. The following section will go over alternative steps on bypassing this restriction.

The I'll Save You user pick one option from below:
  1. Use VIT-providing stat point foods to get some bonus HP.
    1. Common VIT-food to use is Clam Soup which is easily obtained through wearing a Armeyer Dinze Card-attached accessory.
    2. You can cook these VIT-stat foods of your choosing. Learn Cooking Quest here.
  2. Reach the lowest max HP as possible through wearing equipment [with or without attached cards] that provides +% Max HP bonuses. The following preferred cards to use are the following:
    1. Gold Acidus [Max HP + 4%] [attached to Foot gear slot]
    2. Retribution Wings [Max HP + 1% at +1 refine rate] [Worn in Lower headgear slot]
Once these steps are complete, you should be able to cast I'll Save You.

Next step is choosing healing consumable items to use to recover lost HP when using this skill. Keep in mind that in BlackoutRO, most consumable recovery items are allowed to use inside castles during War of Emperium. We recommend picking consumables with lighter weight in order to use this skill multiple times during your battles.

Common Healing Consumables to Use [We'll pick the ones being sold from NPCs]
  • Mastela Fruits [Gives ample amount of HP but expensive to buy]
  • Aloe Leaflet [Exclusively sold in BlackoutRO NPC shops in @go 25 or @go 27 at a custom price]
  • Honey [Another consumable exclusively sold in @go 25 or @go 27 shops at a custom price. Includes some SP recovery]
  • Fresh Fish [Cheap, lightweight but gives lesser HP than Mastela Fruits or Aloe Leaflets]
  • Banana [Another cheap, lightweight consumable especially when you use Lady Tanee Card in your -100% Max HP setup. Lady Tanee Card also doubles banana recovery rate.]
Since current mechanics of I'll Save You involves adjusting base VIT stat point to get % HP gained to the target spouse, other cheaper healing consumables could be doable to use such as apples or carrots. You have variety of choices to choose from.

At this point, you should be able to alternatively cast I'll Save You skill and use a healing consumable to maximize the healing potential.

DRAWBACKS while using I'll Save You
Players should be aware of the following dangers when using this skill. After all, marriage is something that you cannot mess up.
  • Due to - 100% Max HP setup, you're very vulnerable especially against auto attacks.
  • The current mechanic of this skill makes you susceptible against Thanatos-attached weapons, Ice Pick and Acid Demonstration attacks. The next section will discuss setup to apply to reduce the impact.
  • During battles, you should not leave you character spouse too far. This skill has skill range of 9 cells.
Reducing VIT DEF stat
VIT DEF stat [the number inside yellow box] is the number next to the hard DEF [DEF stat that you get from wearing equipment]. You can increase this stat from increasing your VIT stat point. Ideally, this value should be less than or at least 120 points to reduce impact of Thanatos-attached weapons or Ice Pick.

You can decrease this value through wearing the following:
  • Grimtooth [Not available to Acolyte-classes, Star Gladiator, Gunslinger] - User's defense is reduced by half.
  • Spike [Only available to Priest and Monk classes] - User's defense is reduced by 2/3.
  • Robo Ears [Available to all job classes] - Reduces VIT defense to -50 points.
  • Side Hat [Available to all job classes] - Reduces VIT defense to -150 points.
Feel free to add any additional information missing in this guide. Many older Ragnarok Online players are still unfamiliar with marriage system and its potential. We hope this guide will help you get informed and utilize information listed here. More players using it means better understanding for us to get informed decision on implementing metagame changes in the future.
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