High wiz card not working. Bad gameplay experience

01-Mar, 20
@Jack these players know nothing but to get mad and troll as seen clear as day in this thread and also ingame when chatting me even saying you're filipino though I'm canadian living in the philippines and also saying I'd call Jack and settle this %#!@, when they can't control your server and have it their way in making wizards weak because they want it easy for them.

They wanna keep high wiz card disabled but, if you @Jack disable GTB, they'd cry and even quit the game. They want everything to be easy out of their own interest making wizards weak. The advantage of High wiz card is not even anywhere near as good as GTB's advantage. Yet they get mad and troll because they have no valid reasons, because the facts and realities in this thread have overcome anything they think of.

Let's examine what each one is saying and let's also see what is fact and reality which is always priority over their opinion and feelings.

Hey guys @Jack , I have tested and high wiz card isn't working in pvp at all... this is not nice because I cannot do much damage to moderately equipped players with high int stat, mdef and etc.
My wiz with matk headgears staff, etc including fbh is only doing about 1k JT and the guy has 1.5 million hp.. other bolts are even weaker. It will make a balancing and fair effect for high wiz card to be enabled in pvp so that I we can do more damage on equally geared players. Please honestly and highly consider enabling this card in pvp for fair play and balance.

I also suggest boosting FBH card with the original 10% matk effect, and remove the 10% more dmg taken from demi humans. This will help make wiz class do sufficient damage. But high wiz card enabled is not enough on its own. However original 50% FBH may certaibly be too much but the GTB here has a solid 85% reduction so it's not bad to put FBH to original either.

My reply to the coordinator GM collaboration, who thinks hw card is only for mvp hunting:
"High wiz card doesn't work on mvp bosses, only vesper works on boss monsters, have you even read their descriptions at least... please go read their descriptions. High wiz was never designed for boss monsters, please read the description of the cards before making such statements that do not correlate...
High wiz card has always been original and designed by gravity and official ragnarok online to ignore mdef on regular players. YOU CANNOT ARGUE OR QUESTION THIS, NOBODY CAN EXCEPT AN IGNORANT PERSON WHO BELIEVES HIS WRONG THINKING. NO OFFENSE.
Another fact is High Wiz card always worked properly in the original blackout RO in pvp.
Please just be unbiased and be honest and admit to the truth, reality and facts."

My reply to this guy who keeps believing and saying wizards shouldn't have hw card:
"You're literally saying like a hunter, knight or assassin shouldn't have thana card or incant card?
This is the fact and reality, please try to realize and examine that you are totally wrong and you just have to admit it.

You cannot justify at all that it fits more for PVM,
that is 200% laughable because why would wizards need ignore def on regular mobs lol?
regular mobs don't even have little mdef if there's even any.
In honesty and reality, this card would make no difference on regular mobs because they are 1 shot anyway.

Wiz a pain in pvp? I just told you I've got all the matk gears available including FBH, and my strongest skill that I've tested is doing 1k damage on 1.5m hp player dude, do you even have basic comprehension?? you're already commenting out of your own feelings and opinion which are all negligent of the fact that my wiz is fully equipped and doing 1k damage on 1.5m hp player.

You're saying oh that's another 10% matk on the shoes? what? lol didn't I tell you that I already have all matk gears including FBH and I still do 1k on my strongest skill towards players who have 1.5m hp?
Seriously just stop commenting if you're going to keep telling me your feelings and opinion.

There are no arguments or questions to be made to the reality and fact that-
The main purpose of the high wizard card is to ignore defense of players in pvp.
If players have mvp cards for their classes? guess what wizards have it too because that's how gravity designed and balanced the game for fair play experience.
This is the official and original effect designed by gravity the developer itself,
so the official design and effect must always be a priority over anyone's opinions or feelings, just like your replies here. Don't take it personally and no offense because that is the case here.
Even the original blackout RO had high wiz card working properly and original in pvp."
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17-May, 16
Squelch Rivas Anton
What in tarnations is this post?

I don't think you get the role of High Wizards or how it plays out. The arsenal that High Wizards have is almost as good as a Champion if used correctly but I think a Champion will win in the end but let's continue on this post you're saying.

First off, with the right freaking items and cards, your damage like Fire Bolt or Cold Bolt could hit 500-1k each, that's 5k-10k per spell plus the use of macro, that's a lot. It might seem less but in the end you can tank a lot of damage using Wall of Fog + your energy coat redux, etc. You also have the option of sustain using Medical Eyepatch to heal yourself with triple bacsojin that could almost out tank most classes with the right equipment. You both have sustain and matk. Now add in Magic Crasher to negate the GTB, it's not as painful as it should be but it is another damage option. Adding to that your usual spam me some SG+LoV while tanking, etc. You got sustain, matk dps and normal atk dps. What more do you want? All Stats so you got real atk potential with just using your barehands/rod?


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12-May, 16
lol, jack here is gm, not an admin not to control to the card script here.
hwc is fine and works 100%. here. all pro player here use redux item ete... haha

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