01-Apr, 19
Hi Everyone, greetings !

I'm thinking about giving this a try.
I have come back from a long hiatus from this old MMORPG game, and have tried one of the top low rate private server out there.
But after a year trying to grind to High End Content of the game which is PVM Content, i felt bored and painful a long the way.
The other thing is I'm a huge WOE fans but the WOE Schedule wasn't fit to me. So i made a researched some quite time and boom here I am !
The WOE Schedule is around my playtime. So I'm really looking forward to see you guys in the game.
If any kind player wanna intro me to the game or any WOE guild open for recruitment , I'm gladly to join and learn new stuff here.



Here to help
Former Staff Member
12-Sep, 16
Shoe Shiner/RuthIess
Welcome to the server!

There are a bunch of guilds probably looking for people, the best way to get into one would be asking around in game.

I hope to see you around ingame!

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