03-Nov, 18
Hey guys!

I'm a player coming back from the good old Blackout RO days, and I'm super happy that they finally brought the server back. :)

Also, one question. I keep seeing people on here that say they are leveling Super Novices solo to create their classes? How do they do that? I tried doing it, but my damage is so weak when trying to kill the recommended Grand Peco's at level 90~150. Any advice would be great.

See you guys in game!
03-Nov, 18
Hey, yeah I looked at that already =x Just wanted to use an actual Super Novice.

I don't think I can rebirth into it though, so I was wondering how people came to leveling their SN's solo


Former Staff Member
03-Jun, 16
Hey and welcome back to the server.

I havent seen anyone doing a solo leveling using SN. Just like the old times it is much better to have a party for experience boost.

Just stop leveling upto 460 to 470 then go to Job Master NPC for rebirth. (cause it still free)

Change to SN > Level upto 460 > Rebirth and then just pick the next class you wanted to play.

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