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06-Nov, 18
Hello to fellow players of Blackout. I'm new here to this community, from Malaysia, and thinking to start coming back to RO again after a long hiatus of 3 years, I don't think anyone is a stranger to this game as it was the hottest game back in the good old days. But we gotta move along with the times, and no matter how much I have moved on from this game, I somehow find my way back into it, just can't seem to get rid of this game as it has become not quite small part of my life.

So here I am, hoping to start anew in a fresh server, I used to play in many servers like Dreamers / Inertia / Forsaken etc just to name a few, each have it's own good. Hoping to try out Blackout and if it's good, and I find some good friends to play along or to guide me along, I might just stay, hence the purpose of creating this introduction thread. Hoping to know some of you kind people out there, to show me the ropes. :) Looking forward to meet each one of you in-game, my IGN would probably be Primeval if it's not taken otherwise.
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Sorry Eh?
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03-May, 17
Hey! If you played 3 years ago, the account you used back then should still be accessible. The characters will be level 1 and the account will have no items (as there was a wipe prior to September 2016) but you shouldn't have to use a new IGN. If you wanna try to recover your old account, try here:


Golden Algorithm
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09-Nov, 18
I feel you. Happy to have you back here man, have fun!

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