Event: Blackout RO's Summer Scavenger Getaway!

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08-Sep, 16
At this current time,
here are the current amount of claims for the remaining sets.

Set 1: 1/1 - Claimed.
Set 2: 2/2 - Claimed.
Set 3: 80/100 - 20 Claims remaining.
Set 4: 25/25 - All items claimed.
Set 5: 30/30 -All items claimed.


You're probably also wondering...
"What do I do with all of these Mini Summer Tokens?"

Lucky you, there's a hidden NPC in ptown where you can redeem all
of your tokens as these will NOT be used in any future events at this current moment in time.
(You may use @warp ptown or speak to Grace in amatsu to get directly teleported to the map.)

There will be NO hints on where exactly the NPC is located.. but it IS on the map.
Make sure that you have all of your remaining tokens in your inventory so that you may access this hidden shop.
Just keep your eyes peeled and help your fellow players out!


This will most likely be the last update on this forum as I will be at work all afternoon tomorrow.

**Please remember to turn in ALL of the item
requirements for Set 3 by 23:59 server time.**

The event will be disabled at July 7th, 0:00 server time, meaning that no one will be able to turn in items afterwards.

One last mention:

**There will be absolutely no exceptions for anyone wanting to turn in items late.
This is the player's responsibility to check the number of claims BEFORE the event ends, along with
ensuring that there are enough claims left should there be no tokens remaining.

Thank you to all of the players that participated in my first event.
(And @Martin / GM-Deviling for the huge coding task I threw at him and the rest of our lovely team that helped me out ♡ )

I hope everyone had fun!
Hopefully everyone's picked out their desired hats and has that sick Summer Job Suit equipped in town.

Please contact any GM in game or in discord should you have any further questions.

A huge thank you once again to everyone for participating. This wouldn't have happened without you guys.
Good luck to any last minute scavenger hunters and those still trying to finish their sets!
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