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15-Jul, 16
Welcome my dear friends,
In this guide I will discuss the basics of being a paladin.

First of all, What is a Paladin/Pally?
A Paladin is a support job that tanks the damage of the whole guild. It is the foundation of the guild. That means every guild needs a paladin to survive.

Player Traits Requirement in Playing a Paladin:

-Presence of Mind
The player must always be aware of what's happening in his surroundings.
-Common Sense
If you do not dive in the enemy stack. You Good.
-Adaptable in Changing Environments.
Every guild you face have different strategies and lineup. You must be able to adapt and create a counter to their strategy.
-Switching Prowess
If you know how to press the keyboard. You Good
-Stable Internet and Fast Loading Screen
100% Cause of Death. "I lagged Sry".
-Can follow the command of the Guild Leader properly
If you die because you followed your Guild Leader's command. You Good.

*If you don't have most of these, please consider another job.*

What are the Pros and Cons of playing a Paladin?

-Very Durable (Buffs,Redux Equipments)
The last or the first one to fall in a wipe
-Good Mobility (PecoPeco)
Combined with an Agility Scroll, Your Peco will become the Road Runner *beep beep*

-Equipment Dependent

Your choice of equipment will dictate whether you LIVE or DIE.
-Pitch Dependent
If you get a nub bio. You are dead.
-Link Dependent
If your nub bio gets a nub linker. Your'e all dead.


Top: Xside Hat[1] / XBDH(Wall Of Fog)

Card: Leaf Cat Card(Resist Water), Giant Hornet Card(Resist Wind), Leib Olmai Card(Resist Fire), Dryad Card(Resist Earth). Only the Avatar Mastered all four elements. So choose only 1.

Mid: Robo Ears(-Vit Def)/3D Glasses[1]
Card: Leaf Cat Card(Resist Water), Giant Hornet Card(Resist Wind), Leib Olmai Card(Resist Fire), Dryad Card(Resist Earth). Only the Avatar Mastered all four elements. So choose only 1.

Lower: Deviling[1],Angeling[1],Retri[1]
Card: Leaf Cat Card(Resist Water), Giant Hornet Card(Resist Wind), Leib Olmai Card(Resist Fire), Dryad Card(Resist Earth). Only the Avatar Mastered all four elements. So choose only 1.

Armor: Valkyrian Amor[1] (Indestructible badass armor)
Main Card: Tao Gunka (HP Pool Boost)
Situational Card: Ghostring(Reduce Acid Demo, Asura)
Situational Card: Angeling Card(Against Holy Light)

Weapon: +10 Grimtooth
Situational Weapon: Edge (Coma da nub berserker LK without GTB)
Emp Breaking Weapon: +10 Pike (2 Orc Skeleton, 2 Desert Wolf)
PVP Sacrifice Weapon: +10 Pike (2tg,1hydra,1inca)

Shield: Valkyrian Shield[1]
Main Card: Golden Thief Bug (Magic Resist)
Situational Card: Cranial (Not Magic Resist)
Situational Card: Maya Card (Rekt dem bolters and earth spike scrollers)

Garment: +7VM[1] (kill dem with reflect boi) / Proxy[1]
Situational Card: Raydric Card (Resist Neutral)
Situational Card: Deviling Card (Resist more Neutral but take more damage)
Situational Card: Noxious(Redux Range)
Situational Card: Assassin Cross Card(Cloak, Avoid Focus Fire)
Switching Garment Cards:
Dustiness Card - Increase resistance to the Wind Property by 30%. Flee Rate + 5
Hode Card - Increase resistance to Earth Property attacks by 30%. Flee Rate + 5
Jakk Card - Increase resistance to the Fire Property by 30%. Flee Rate + 5
Marse Card - Increase resistance against Water Property by 30%. Flee Rate + 5

So when to use these switching garments?
Asura Strike - Deviling Card
Acid Demo - Deviling Card
Range Sniper-Noxious

Now in WoE you have to observe what element the enemy uses. This is a bit confusing so let me explain.
In a situation when the enemy converts you with an element. You must know not only the element they used but also the corresponding REDUX/ANTI to that element.

Fire is weak to Water.
Water is weak to Wind.
Wind is weak to Earth.
Earth is weak to Fire.

For Example, You are converted to Fire. What is the weakness of Fire? WATER!
In that case you must assume that they will use Water on you so prepare your water resist garment which is the Marse Card.

Shoes: Variant Shoes (HP boost)

Accessory: Rosary[1]
Card: Alligator Card (Reduce Range Damage)
Card: Errende Ebecee Card (5% chance auto pneuma)

Str : 240 (Carry Supplies, Potential Emp Breaker)
Agi: 180
Vit: 450 (Casual Pally)
Int: 240 (Fair sp for spam devo)
Dex: 200(Avoid Quagmire delay)
Luk: 300 (Status immunity)

DO's and DON'T's in playing a Pally:
-Always follow the command of the guild leader.
-Communicate with your devoees.
-Devo in the Friend List (much convenient).
-Always hide in or behind the stack.
-Defender On when clashing or when the Guild Leader tells you to do so.
-Always Request FCP.
-Always check your equipment for broken items.
-Always have enough BOP supply.
-Always refresh shield buffs (Auto Guard, Reflect Shield, Defender, Shrink)
-Always refresh devo
-Bring all 4 elements of resist potions (refer to switching garments part)
-Use Assumptio Scroll and Increase Agility Scroll before entering the castle.
-Use Magnum Break on Traps

-Do not dive to the enemy stack!
-Do not stay in front of the stack, you are exposing yourself to (Tarot,Asura,Enemy DPS)
-Do not talksht to your bio if he failed to catch up your hp.
-Do not prioritize Pressure over Devo!
-Do not use Gospel in clash. You will all go to heaven.

At the end of every woe, always thank your bio for trying to keep you alive for an hour.

That's all for this guide. Thank you for reading!
Suggestions and Corrections are all welcome /swt3
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07-Mar, 17
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Hmmm okay duckbenok I'm smelling what you're dealing here.

couple of things that I'm keeping to myself but I'm pretty sure there are things that you didn't include here on purpose as well. This is a good start for all those pallies out there!

A+ duckbenok, good guide indeed


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11-May, 16
Good Job


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03-May, 17
I still think you're insane, but i'll be damned if this isn't a half decent guide. :p
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17-Jul, 16
Final White
Nice work. People should write more guides.

Some more tips.

-Use pt lists for devo. You can see secondary person's hp for quick re-devo.
-Use bash to move under heavy circumstance. Don't click ground.
-and my old video.

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