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15-Jul, 16
Hello Everyone!
Don't worry this is not a quitting thread~ @Rain

Im just here to give some cancer feedback and suggestions based on my observations in the past few months.
Recap Time!
January-February we got hyped because Pixellius released some Future End Game content such as PVP and GVG Ladder and also promised a PVM and MVP Hunting Ladder. Even though those updates are really nice it failed to attract players to come and play in the server. To be honest we really have a lot of good features/events to offer in this server but why is this game dying? (Because of players like you lul)

Let us investigate the possible reasons!

17 Year Old Game
With the release of modern MOBA,MMORPG and Mobile games, It is really hard for us to compete with good graphics and better gameplay. That's why some people only play ragnarok just for the nostalgia.

Marketing is not working
Yes we have a Facebook page and we are listed in RMS. But are those really enough? In my opinion Facebook advertising is a great channel to attract players, All we need is to utilize it properly by posting quality content. Make some WoE video highlights. GoTM clips. Server events and features. (Aint nobody got time fo dat fam)

We have experienced a lot of meta changes. Some are good(portal cell dmg reduction) and some are bad(strip that goes through fcp).
From the SG Meta to the GS Meta to the Brandish Meta to the Cart Termi Meta to the Lex Asura Meta and now the NW Meta. Some of these are really old metas and just being reused. I just noticed that once a meta is created or a guild is always winning using a specific tactic, Updates will be released to nerf it or the guild itself.

We need more HATS
Steal sprites from other servers if you have to.

GM Affiliation to Guilds
From a point of view of a normal player. If a player knew that a GM is playing in that guild all the time even though he/she is not using a GM account.
It would still build suspicion in the mind of a normal player which gives the staff a bad reputation in maintaining neutrality. Well there should be no problem if the GM will stay anonymous to the guild he/she is playing in or hop guilds to observe how things are going just like Archer Elena or that dumb GS who keeps roaming around during woe. There are just so many issues and conspiracies created just because of this.

Some examples are:
GM gave his/her own guild +900 vit.
GM muted rival guild player for a longer time.
GM banned us because we keep winning in woe.
GM nerfed us because we defeated his/her guild.
GM nerfed our tactic because his/her guild cant counter.
GM changed the rules for the benefit of his/her guild.
GM leaked future patches to his/her guild.

These are just some cancerous accusations which still cant be proven but can definitely affect the image of the staff team. That is why I have suggested here to make the GM logs be available to the public to reduce these kinds of accusations. Well I guess this really cant be helped because some players already had a strong bond with their guild before they became GMs.

Staff Commitments
I heard rumors that only a certain number of staff are doing their best to keep the server alive.
Well, I know we are all busy here and have our personal priorities in life but at least dont leave us in the air waiting for something new.
Players are starving for new Content and Updates. New Metas. New Features. New Hats. My Casino.
I dont know how you do things in the team but at least you can all have a discord meeting once a month with all the staff present to plan things up and brainstorm just to keep the server alive. I believe that Pixellius, Wolfie and the staff still have something up their sleeves.

In my opinion, GOTM and the Drama are the reason why the server is still alive at least once a month.
Well at least we are getting monthly updates.

I really hope some things will change in the months to come.


~Cancerous meme duck
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12-May, 16
Fife, Scotland
Not using Shironeko for "research" then?


Here to help
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12-Sep, 16
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Thanks for remaining cancer-less and not anonymous.

Good feedback overall, raising some valid points.
25-Aug, 16
Even though Sir Benok is not so active these days, at least he is concerned in the current status of this server and has brought an essential topic and relevant feedbacks that needs to have an immediate attention. I hope this will reach the higher authority...



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03-May, 17
Just so these don't go unaddressed:

GM gave his/her own guild +900 vit.
Literally an impossibility for everyone except Wolfie, Redcar, Bunki and perhaps Touhou. The notion that anyone else on the staff team is editing the stats of a guild they favor is completely fallacious.

GM muted rival guild player for a longer time.
I can't speak for everyone on the staff, but nobody has been muted for longer than 1~3 minutes after an initial warning. If the offending party persists or has a lengthy history, that is the only instance(s) when a more lengthy punishment would be applied.

GM banned us because we keep winning in woe.
This is the first time i have ever heard this accusation. If there are any concerns regarding a ban that is believed to be unwarranted, the subject of said ban is always available to file a ticket appealing the situation here: https://forum.blackout-ro.net/forums/ticket/

GM nerfed us because we defeated his/her guild.
First time hearing this as well. As far as i am aware i don't believe it is even possible to nerf a single person/guild. Definitely not something anyone except Redcar, Wolfie and Bunki could do.

GM nerfed our tactic because his/her guild cant counter.
This is how balance is achieved. Every game with regular updates looks at what is deemed successful and why. If there is specific tactic that basically forces the opposing side to copy or lose to, then changes are made accordingly for the benefit of the server as a whole. I have no reason to believe that changes are made to directly hinder the potential of a specific guild.

GM changed the rules for the benefit of his/her guild.
I can confidently say that i personally have never changed the rules to benefit a single group, person or guild. I also have no reason to believe that anyone else on the staff has done so either. Most events are impossible to rig anyway.

PvP: Once setup, the events outcome is decided by the players actions and there are dozens if not hundreds of viewers to rely on as witnesses.
GvG: See above
Poring Event: Randomized by the movement of the mobs. Impossible to rig for the most part.
Hide and Seek: I've specifically went out of my way to host this event less to quell the rumors of bias/rigging, but i can say with the utmost of certainty that i have never rigged any event including hide and seek.
Crack the pub: I have only hosted this once and it was a combination of crack the pub/guess the disguise that was impossible to rig. Dex won most out of anyone during this event with nobody i am affiliated with claimed any prizes if i recall correctly.
MvP Invasions: I couldn't even begin to fathom how one would rig this.
Make it rain: It is impossible to rig as everything gets dropped on the floor in front of everyone.
Vending event: I havent hosted this personally, but Hrist has. Also impossible to rig as everyone has the exact same opportunity to buy the item at 1z as everyone else.
Taming event: See MvP Invasions.

GM leaked future patches to his/her guild.
As far as i am aware, there are only 2~4 GM's actively involved in testing/developing meta changes. Me and Collaboration have helped with some testing. Wolfie and Redcar would be the actual developers for meta changes.

Me: I haven't helped nearly as much as Collaboration in regards to testing future changes. I can assure everyone with the utmost of confidence that what i am aware of has not been shared to anyone outside of the bRO staff team. I do not actively participate in a guild with any regularity and i am not in any active guild discords either so i do not have any preference as to who wins or loses.

Collaboration: He also isn't actively participating in a guild as far as i am aware. In my humble opinion, he would likely be the second most objective GM on the team aside from redcar so the likelihood of him being the cause of leaks is practically non existent from my point of view.

Redcar: As an administrator and as someone who does not participate in a guild, he has no incentive whatsoever to leak anything to anybody. This would be counter intuitive as his goal has been stated as "We want to do what we can to help everyone have a good time."

Wolfie: As the single person who has put in the most effort into the server, the idea that he is leaking stuff to a preferable guild is a bit silly.

To the best of my knowledge, everyone on this team does the best they can with what they have available to make the server as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. While i cannot speak for everyone else on the staff, i can assure you that i am fully aware that favoritism and bias are both conducive of bad times for everyone in the long term. I go well out of my way to mitigate any concerns the community may have regarding the public opinion of the staff. I have left the guild i was active in for years, i have avoided hosting events that could be viewed as biased (See hide and seek) and i have tried to take into account everybody's opinion regardless of the personal opinion i have formed of those people over the years. I hope this helps anyone who may have concerns about the integrity of the staff here on bRO. If you have any specific questions i am always open to PMs on discord or available for public discourse here on the forums.
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01-Nov, 16
This server can only survive when the players play and since the most brought up reason on why guilds are quitting is "bias" I'll try to address it here.

Also a caveat that since we're accused of this a lot, I'll only speak for myself and my guild.
- We have been historically outnumbered most of the time (always in fools and a lot of the times in generic) while staying competitive in gvg
- We only enter the PVP arena to get dispelled
- With these two said, is it really that surprising that we lost all pvp events and won gotms which are in a fixed member format? Not really, right?
- Don't you just wonder why are there no complaints about the pvp events (except the one egg won) being biased? Is it that there were really no issues with it or people can't come up with conspiracies? Or is it just cause the losers know how to handle a loss?
- It's not just "certain guilds" who have problems with the patches and during events
- The Mheal nerf even made us woe without FCP sometimes cause we lack people
- Heck our pally even had problems with the map and DCd 2 times mid fight the last gotm and we didn't even ask for one remake. Not saying we would've won it cause of that but sometimes you just have to take the loss so you'll know what to improve next time. If only guilds would actually just sit down and watch the replays with an open mind rather than complaining, they would've been so good.

There's nobody here that can convince you that GMs are not bias. But see, there's also no one who can convince a flat earther that the world is round unless he opens his mind. You can send pictures but he'll say its photoshopped. You can send him outer space and he'll say its a program/3D movie.

If its coming to an end soon then so be it. It's just that the reason why it ends sounds silly. It was a fun game to play with you fellas. Good luck in real life.
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19-Jan, 19
Eustacia Vye
I wish everyone could be just like GM-Chucknourish. Open-minded and generous

but noob prof.
17-Jun, 19
These are all some well thought out concerns with a server, i am so glad that you limited yourself to just those or we would be here for several days reading a novel. These are all well thought out although the ones you have selected to post about are actually some of the hardest to pull off.
17-Jun, 19
These are all some well thought out concerns with a server, i am so glad that you limited yourself to just those or we would be here for several days reading a novel. These are all well thought out although the ones you have selected to post about are actually some of the hardest to pull off.
well, hats aren't. in fact there is one hat that this server had a long time back, before its major crash years ago that they don't have anymore but i would love to see them add again, it was for a green colored bamboo hat shaped like a sakkat that the quest started in amatsu. its based off a green sakkat an amatsu or payon guard wear somewhere in the game. anyway, would love to see more simple but obtainable hats. don't have to go all out. :)

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