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04-May, 16
Blackout Staff
Development - Best Way to Receive and Moderate Feedback?


We, the Staff and Development team, want to find out the best way to receive and moderate feedback with regards to development. That is - how can we show you what we are working on, and how can you [the public] provide feedback in an appropriate manner?

Previously, a feedback group existed to serve this process. It proved to be unsustainable due to various reasons, mainly my inactivity and unwillingness to showcase certain things due to wanting an element of the unknown in updates.

The community needs to be involved in development and we want to find out the best way to do this. Please reply to this forum thread with your thoughts.

With regards to my position, I have finished my job as Interim Administrator and will move into the role of Developer. I will be mainly working on fulfilling requests from other Staff members, which they will hopefully create based on community feedback (or maybe their own ideas). We [the Dev Team, which is only myself and @Ruskasi at this stage] are looking for people with great imagination who want to turn their ideas into reality. No coding/programming skills required. Applications available here.

A new management structure has been formed and will be announced in the near future once it has been fully finalised. I believe the new structure is far more sustainable than previous models, and that it will serve BlackoutRO well as it looks to a new era. Marketing campaigns will relaunch before Christmas.

Wolfie, Developer
27-Jan, 19
The Unforgiven
tbh ragnarok in 2019 to 2020. so hard to get player to play ragnarok.

all gamer now is mobile game play and pc high graphic game.

need more ads this server black out ro for increase and playable.
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25-Aug, 16
I know this will took a lot of time again organizing new management structure, marketing campaigns, advertisement and stuff which are being planned over and over again. Meanwhile, please do provide players something to be busy at, or something to farm for like new headgears on Item Shop, or new equips on Quest NPC. TBH, its really getting boring now...

The necessary suggestions from us are repeatedly been told to former and current GMs and also frequently @forums, and majority of it were just being ignored and were not implemented. So basically players are tired now, because its being unheard anyway. So we let you handle this thing and I hope there's an immediate action. Long Live and more power bRO.
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