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Worker Ant
Team Manager
10-Sep, 16
Before we proceed, let me introduce myself.

I'm Server Management Team's Community Manager. I am in-charge of managing communication channels to help players reach BlackoutRO staff easily and able to express their concerns effectively. Today, I'm writing a community report about server's major news, events and updates. Also, I'll give you opportunity to ask questions or give feedback about server's progress.

This report covers the following:

2020 Server Population Spike
We are grateful on high attendance numbers we're catering so far. However, we are also aware about effects associated with the current pandemic. We still hope you are staying safe. Playing BlackoutRO should alleviate the boredom you're getting as quarantine period extends.

Server Hardware Upgrade
Few days ago, we did some upgrade to our server host to address performance and connectivity issues of most players. We're still assessing performance impact of such change along with client changes we applied. We encourage you to give us feedback as soon as you can! After all, no one wants a disruptive RO gaming experience!

April 2020 Hacking Incident
As of today, we are still processing submitted support tickets related to this incident. For victims, we appreciate your patience waiting for us to recover missing items or characters. For the rest of community,, we are thankful for your cooperation to help us track and punish culprits. If you suspect that your account is compromised due to this incident, please create a support ticket []

Server Management Team
Several of you have questions about who's managing this server. Please read this thread about Server Management Team.

New Staff Applications

Thank you for applying. We received a handful number of applicants for this opening which may take us a while to review. Keep in mind that we are getting more than one new staff member!

New Content
We introduced several new fashion headgear which sparked your interest recently. We are thankful for feedback we received.

We are thankful to you for feedback we received for this popular mode. It really helped us determine your interests to apply for future changes. We encourage you to play this mode even as a newcomer! Don't forget to sleep though!

Guild vs Guild Drama Updates
We made several schedule changes to War of Emperium which is now published in Control Panel. Most of us in the staff participated to WoE schedules to help us determine the best approach to keep War of Emperium experience less prone to mood anxiety. If your guild is an active WoE participant, we encourage you to send us a delegate to give suggestions or feedback to War of Emperium changes.

5v5 PVP Event
Congratulations to Underrated, xHaruna, Idiot Idiot Idiot, Chucknourish, and Eustecia Vye's group for winning. We still hope they like the statue we placed in Hall of Fame map [@go hfame]. For everyone else, we are looking forward for you to watch out and participate future PVP/GVG events!

Current Server Economy
There's on-going discussion among players about status of server's economy. As of now, we are paying close attention to economic activity to determine best approach. As of now, our stand to keep server pay-to-play free is firm. If you have something to share in detail about this, please do not hesitate to do so.

Future Updates
As of today, our attention is focused on performance stability. There are things we have to monitor thoroughly such as Battlegrounds bug fixes. Also, we are considering some of your suggestions such as adding War of Emperium supplies to Battlegrounds. However, this may take a while to work on due to real life commitments. Keep giving suggestions to make this server better!
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