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15-Jul, 16
Have you ever dreamed of playing BRO On-The-Go or in the Office?
Without installing the full client in your ancient office units?

I did some research about running Ragnarok in other platforms like Mobile and Browser and I am going to share my findings.

First of all, the experience will not be the same with the PC version.
There will be lots of limitations and the gameplay is quite tricky.

So what are the perks in having ragnarok in browser or mobile?
  • Allow players to play on preferred platform which is more convenient.
  • Able to flex my fashion wherever I go.
  • Allow players to chitchat in game while on the go.
  • Able to make pub/transactions wherever I go.
The first option that I found was AndRO
AndRO is a MMORPG client for Android working with Athena-based MMORPG servers. It can be installed to support any Athena-like MMORPG server.

Basically the server owner will have to contact the AndRO devs to make a custom .APK for the server and its not free.
I tested some other ragnarok servers that offers Ragnarok mobile platform and found out that they are indeed using AndRO.

What AndRO does not support
  • Skill effects
  • Light objects
  • RSM animation
  • Critial display, sum of multiple attacks display
  • Warp effect
  • Falcon / Warg display
  • Casting circle animation
  • GRF/patch encryption
  • Custom classes
  • Party booking
  • Change cart
  • Password-protected chat rooms
  • Edit guild positions
  • Achievement system
But sadly

The second and best option that I found was RoBrowser
roBrowser is an open source project based on the game Ragnarok Online build by Vincent Thibault.
The concept is to bring the game to the web browser using awesome technologies : HTML5, Javascript, WebGL.
roBrowser is’nt Ragnarok Online’s clone, it’s a cross platform solution to connect to Ragnarok Online game’s server


Sadly in 2018 there has been a DMCA Takedown for the project due to usage "RAGNAROK ONLINE data without permission". Funny thing, in fact no game data from Ragnarok Online is included in the project.

The source code and instructions are still there waiting to be developed.
You can test still a demo in their website

I just hope the admin will be interested in expanding BRO to other platforms.

Thank you.
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16-Jun, 16
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There is a lot of server had Android cross platforms. And I a little bit of tweak we can play BlackoutRO on our phones. But we need the developers to make an official apk to install.
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27-Jan, 19
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No need this web or Android phone buy cheap laptop in eBay now. Ro is not big spec game potato laptop can play depends ping haha

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