Blackout 2018 Year Review


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15-Jul, 16
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This is my personal review on what happened to BRO in 2018.
But first let us look back...


Year Review:
Q1 and Q2 has focused on rebuilding the server from scratch. Nothing much happened and a lot of players got hyped for the official launch.

For me, Q3 has been Blackout's biggest break for the year with the Official Launch and 200-300 Player Base at Peak. Competitive and High Attendance WoEs. Good PVP Events and a fresh market. What could go wrong?

Q4 specifically after the AGIT Lord Event. With Wolfie's absence, Things has started to get messed up.
The banker took 1 month to get fixed and there has been issues about exploits which made a lot of players quit.
There was no new content or updates for a long time which bored the remaining players.

I appreciate the effort of the remaining staff who did their best to keep the server alive and fix the bugs while Wolfie was away.
And for the new staff, I have high expectations for you guys to save the server :)

2018 might not be the best year for Blackout but hey at least it's not dead (yet).

Good luck to Wolfie and the Staff for the Next Year!

Happy Holidays!


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12-Sep, 16
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