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01-Nov, 16
What can you get?
Creator card
- Increase your SPP by 30%
Professor card - Adds 30% chance of gaining a random converter when you kill mobs in biolab 3 and 4.
Paladin card -
Champion card -
Elus, Oris, and Mystical OCAs
Future biolab 4 cards

Why am i posting this?

Only a few people has a stockpile of creator and professor cards. I want to pull down the price of those cards and converters as well. Besides i only play this game during woe so i don't have time to hunt. Lets aim for creator card at 5 dc boyz.

MVP Hunting

1. Respawn timer
Biolab bosses spawn between 1 hour and 40 minutes to 2 hrs and 10. Same as biolab 3, a random MVP will spawn (just hope its a creator or professor atm).

2. Respawn points
There are definite respawn points for these MVPs, these are:
@warp lhz_dun04 73 253
@warp lhz_dun04 150 150
@warp lhz_dun04 248 121
@warp lhz_dun04 144 34
@warp lhz_dun04 146 221
@warp lhz_dun04 55 111
@warp lhz_dun04 215 217
These are approximate locations but MVPs will surely spawn within your view if you use these warps.

3. Classes
Sinx is recommended since you can't kill Prof with asura.

4. Equipments
I'll just list the essentials:
Two +10 Orcish Axe [4] - 1 Valk Randgris (Biochemist Flamel breaks your weapon) 2 Abysmal, 1 Hydra
Valkyrie Armor [1] - RSX (Gloom doesn't work on those two MVPs, besides i've seen other players give away MVPs because they get knocked back)
Lord Knight Card - Optional. Beware though because Professor Celia uses dispell.

5. Elements
Vs Creator - Water
Vs Prof - Any except neutral and poison

6. Other tips
To get the timer, @die in one of the warps, just turn the volume up of your RO, then just alt tab. If you hear someone warping, its probably within the respawn time.

Farming converters
Now that you've got your Professor card, you can start hunting converters.

The trick is that you need to hunt in lhz 4 rather than 3. In theory, its better in lhz 3 because you could get poison bottles but then its harder to stay alive.

1. Set up your @ali first. You could also include ori and elu but i just ignore those.
@ali 12114 12115 12116 12117

2. Which class should i use?

You have a lot of choices here. But the most important one is that you need to have very high perfect dodge. This shrinks down our choices to Archer/Mage/Acolyte classes (because of VM effect) or Sinx (sinx can wear 2 fortune swords). My recommendation would be a sniper so you'll just need to DS scattered enemies or lure then use sharp shooting (HW/Prof are also good options).

3. Stats and equips
Mainly focused on gears that will get you to 100 Perfect Dodge.

Linen glove (if sniper) with Prof card
Accessory2: Any accessory with Yoyo card
Garment: +x VM (for Archer, Mage, and Acolyte) with Choco card - At +7 you'll get 24 perfect dodge with this equipment alone.
Weapon: +10 Fortune Sword - gives 20 Perfect dodge. Switch after luring the mobs to your main weapon, if needed (like inca, 2 abysmal, 1 hydra compo bow).
Stat: 450 luck


- RSX armor (Improve Tights for Snipers/Clowns/Gypsies)
- GTB Valkyrie Shield
- Holy element/arrow

All in all you'd get around 100 perfect dodge. If you're using a sniper and luring the mobs, you need to use fortune sword first then switch to bow. Your main damage is DS and sharp shooting.

4. Other tips
- Ignore pallies
- Move from time to time if there's a champ. That mob uses pneuma.

Now all you need to do is sell these converters cheap. Thank you.
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01-Nov, 16
Ok this is a breakthrough guide since I haven't seen any LHZ4 MVP guides in the internet yet.

For people trying this out, pls confirm if coords are accurate.
I've also searched but didn't find one. Its because there's an instanced dungeon in renewal that lets you fight biolab 4 MVPs. Anyway you could try it yourself, you'd see Co Ai and Black&White warping around those coordinates.
12-May, 16
Odds are Even
thats not the effect of that cards you mention dude.. you can get those cards if you play renewal server patch 14.3 at biolab 4

i have paladin card, champ card, and other biolab 4 cards on the server i play..
12-May, 16
Odds are Even
ok so my point is why the server release this cards which you said its not mix for what reason?

infact this biolab 4 cards are not OP the only card that i think you need to focus it is the Professor card which i think has a little OPness because of the lvl 5 LP but you can customized into lvl 1 LP and lower the chance of triggering it to make it balance..

anyway this is your server you can customized anything you want i dont have the power to push it/ho

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