Autopsy bug?

23-Nov, 17
Not sure if a bug or a feature, so reporting.
I just killed RSX-0806, and the tomb already displayed very detailed autopsy results (down to minute, and the next payment would be 12000000).
I may misunderstand how this feature works, but shouldnt it go back to the "pay respects" mode where you pay increasing sums to get more detailed info every time the MVP is killed?


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03-Jun, 16
This does not apply to the MvP Killer the Pay respect thingy or atleast that was my observation.
23-Nov, 17
You are correct. You don't have to pay if you killed it.
I am somewhat unsure if it happens when someone else killed it. I usually farm at ein_dun, so I landed at the tomb like 6 mins after it was killed and it was already paid down to the minute.
Not sure, but well, hope it works correctly.
23-Nov, 17
Probably someone paid it real quick or who knows
Just tried to check it straight after someone (not me) killed it. 1 minute after the kill, the autopsy was already showing me the info up to 1 minute.
I arrived on the spot about 30 seconds after the kill, and i am fairly sure there was nobody else on the map. Also, just in case, i paid nothing myself.

UPD: I tried checking the thomb right after it was killed several more times. Every time, the autopsy time is up to 1 minute, even when I arrive 1-2 minutes after the kill. At no point I got the "pay respect" option.


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