Guide Attainable items from accessories cards

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12-May, 16
Queen City of the South
  1. Cloud Hermit [Accessory] - Box of Gloom from Plant Monsters
  2. Jing Guai Card [Accessory] - Box of Sunlight from Angels types.
  3. Orc Archer Card [Accessory] - Box of Panting from Demi-Human.
  4. Raydric Archer Card [Accessory] - Box of Resentment from Demons.
  5. Sleeper Card [Accessory] - Box of Drowsiness from Fish monsters.
  6. Stem Worm Card [Accessory] - Box of Storms from Brute types.
  7. Wraith Card [Accessory] - Giggling Box from Undead monsters.
  8. Gargoyle Card [Accessory] - Box of Thunder from Insects.

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