1. duckbenok

    Class Guide Duckbenok's WoE Paladin Guide

    Welcome my dear friends, In this guide I will discuss the basics of being a paladin. First of all, What is a Paladin/Pally? A Paladin is a support job that tanks the damage of the whole guild. It is the foundation of the guild. That means every guild needs a paladin to survive. Player Traits...
  2. Coojo

    Class Guide Coojo's Basic WoE Bio Guide.

    Welcome, this'll show you bio EQ and stats for WoE. Items will be listed in order of my personal preference. Poor people won't be accommodated here either as they pots alone price a lot of people out of playing the class effectively. 100M+ a week will be burned through pots/items and scrolls...
  3. Noel Duero

    Evaesive's First 1v1 PvP Event

    Hey guys! you probably don't know who I am yet but the name's Noel /no1 People probably see me by the name Evaesive or /\/oel <~ See what I did there /ok anyways I wanted to spice up the PvP in Blackout-Ro by making a 1v1 PvP event as it says in the title (Duh) Rules: /gg Banned Jobs: Ninjas...
  4. lkjewq

    Reminiscent WoE Video Thread

    Post your (or others from which you were involved) old WoE videos from Blackout or other (dead) servers.
  5. 'Libra

    Guild Thread Delicious Guild

    Hi! Libra here Short information about the guild We are a NEW GUILD with a couple of OLD PLAYERS We are active during Prontera and Payon Woe We will try and help new members get better in game We are the Pony Army So far we are recruiting Paladin Biochemist and Players that can WoE on...
  6. S


    Hi guys! I'm an old newbie looking for some early game WOE action! Look for me in game: Spinny, Ponsi I'm a noob and dont bully me. A guild invite would be good. Hangout: I'm usually a giant at amatsu
  7. Fantagram


    Hello everyone! It's unlikely anyone outside of Punishment or Carnage will remember me. /hmm Too many different names, too many alts and too little time spent in most of the guilds I joined. The two guilds I spent the most time in were Punishment and Carnage. Hopefully I get to see some familiar...