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  1. erwins12

    Question lord knight guides?

    i dont see guides for lord knight @@ can anyone recommend a guide pls
  2. erwins12

    Question BULB BAND?

    where can i find bulb band?? or where can i make it pls help
  3. erwins12

    Question fast way to earn zeny?

    how to earn more more more zeny etc . pls guide me
  4. E

    Question wolf boy arf arf zeny offer

    does anyone here know how much zeny does wolf boy offer in exchange of items he's asking? planning to try it but im not sure if its worth it ;/
  5. E

    Question Test Server Registration

    okay so im planning to use the test server for some reasons like checking my skills dmg. but i dont know how to create account or log in. Pls help me.