1. Coojo

    Event: BlackoutRO 3vs3 PVP Event

    Hello everyone! Congratulations to Generic on their recent victory in the February Edition of GoTM and the 10v10 compensation GvG! Moving forward, we will be hosting our bimonthly PvP tournament again! The details are as follows: What: 3v3 PvP Tournament When: 16th of March, Saturday. Time...
  2. Coojo

    Prize Poll For The 4v4 Tournament!

    Welcome! This is the poll that allows you all to decide the prize for the upcoming 4v4 PvP tournament! The options are as follows; 1) Taboo Curse Scroll - Animated - Lower - ID: 19805 2) Celestial Dark Frame - Animated - Middle - ID: 18895 3) Smoking Pipe - Animated - Lower - ID: 17507 4)...
  3. Coojo

    Event: BlackoutRO 4vs4 PVP Event

    Hello everyone and happy new year! Congratulations to all those who claimed prizes during the Break the Seal Christmas Event! We're going to hit the ground running this new year and to start it off; a 4v4 PvP tournament! The prize of which the community will be voting to decide HERE! What: 4v4...
  4. Coojo

    Event: BlackoutRO 7vs7 PVP Event

    UPDATE: WE HAVE CONCLUDED OUR POLL AND WITH 50% OF THE VOTE WE ARE GOING TO START THIS EVENT ON SATURDAY NOV 17/2018 16:00UTC. ------------------------------- Hello, Everyone! The promised monthly PvP is back again. We are sincerely apologizing for the lack of events like this recently but...
  5. duckbenok


    Since the 5v5 event is coming up. I just want to share this movie based on Jack's 2V2 PVP Event last year. Featuring CL @Cynosure with his LK and Duckbenok's Sniper
  6. Noel Duero

    Evaesive's First 1v1 PvP Event

    Hey guys! you probably don't know who I am yet but the name's Noel /no1 People probably see me by the name Evaesive or /\/oel <~ See what I did there /ok anyways I wanted to spice up the PvP in Blackout-Ro by making a 1v1 PvP event as it says in the title (Duh) Rules: /gg Banned Jobs: Ninjas...
  7. Martin

    Guide Event Schedule for Different Time Zones (19-Jan, 17)

    Effective after 19 January 2017 Please comment or PM me if some times are off so I can make the adjustments. Thanks! Based on Automated Event Schedule by @Wolfie