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  1. Yassuo

    News: Sharing is NOT always caring

    True this if you share if you know real life and know where that home. If got scam or huck. " Wala ma scam or huck kong Wala mag pa scam huck "
  2. Yassuo

    Update: December 21, 2020 @ 3:00

    No need you have a lot goodie from treasure chest castle and woe credit there. Maintain that 3 or more castle own
  3. Yassuo

    Suggestion HIRE ACTIVE GM PLS.

    I feel you bro no gm now active afk or doing something. No need gm for now and play if they like to play bro 2021.
  4. Yassuo

    Update: December 21, 2020 @ 3:00

    oh ok what item number of bop bg?
  5. Yassuo

    Update: December 21, 2020 @ 3:00

    ah ok good this but only one can autopot command? e.g i auto pots BOP for sp only i cannot auto pots more pots? like hp pots? FCK no working BOP in bg item zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wtf zz
  6. Yassuo

    bye r.o

    give me your item pre. Sharingan lang.
  7. Yassuo

    Update: December 21, 2020 @ 3:00

    oh ok, what that mean 90 100 12034? code of?
  8. Yassuo

    Update: December 21, 2020 @ 3:00

    what does that? auto pots? like auto use berry and seed or ete.. no need click?
  9. Yassuo


    rmt is ok now for online games. however, you scam or scammer = bannable. rmt is ok here if you like to buy real money for virtual items. 1608800887
  10. Yassuo

    Suggestion Blackout RO for Browser

    No need this web or Android phone buy cheap laptop in eBay now. Ro is not big spec game potato laptop can play depends ping haha
  11. Yassuo

    Guide Rare Card Trader

    Ggwp for boss card trade for point haha
  12. Yassuo

    News: Live Streamers - Please Contact Us

    Me I try stream bro game! Like bg stream!
  13. Yassuo

    Guide Rare Card Trader

    How to get or grind farm point? Like 750pts for costume???
  14. Yassuo

    News: For item collectors

    I see! Lazy people farm in high rate server need bot is trash I think haha! Good job detect all botter haha
  15. Yassuo

    News: For item collectors

    What you mean? Collecting item for fashion? Give an example? Or you mean macro and botter together?
  16. Yassuo

    Suggestions rental!

    I don't think is hurts the economy of bro! Coz rental is not permanent is expired item that is cons for rental and cannot refine it.
  17. Yassuo

    News: Upcoming Update on June/02/2020

    What you mean by mvp point trader? Where to find that new feature in bro server?
  18. Yassuo

    Suggestions rental!

    Put rental item in rental ticket shop. 1.) Sharingan 3.) Rinnegan 3.)byakugan In update rental ticket shop for new player don't have yet ec to buy that permanent item. I hope will be added in the next patch. /Heh This suggestions is not bad or over for rental shop tickets!
  19. Yassuo

    Update: May 21, 2020 @ 1:00

    wow, nice 2 castle per woe. after couple month+1 until all 5 castle will open on woe. /no1
  20. Yassuo

    News: Upcoming Maintenance on May/21/2020

    no PVP outside like old day bro. better 5 castle open for 1 hr woe. old days era. all guild join can def and get. can gvg after in gvg room. like old days