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  1. asasin1131

    Question Does Old Enriched Elunium and Purified Elunium have the same success rate?

    is there any difference with the success rate between the two?
  2. asasin1131

    Suggestion GS RANGE

    Hello! First I'd like to congratulate you guys for bringing back the server! I never thought I'd be able to experience bRO pvp again. I've been enjoying it so far, specially BG. There's just one thing I've noticed, I remember playing my gunslinger before and being able to hit characters as...
  3. asasin1131


    when i click on the tomb and at the same time the MVP spawns then the tomb disappears, i get stuck on the tomb message and am not able to esc. I have to close the client which brings me to the 2nd bug, whenever i restart bRO my settings get reset to default - so i end up starting on a small...
  4. asasin1131

    Question whisper chat window

    anybody else having a problem with the whisper chat window popping up and not just appearing on the general chatbox? any idea how i can fix this? it's annoying that while someone messages me while im hunting, i won't be able to read their messages coz it disappears with the chatbox.
  5. asasin1131

    Question how do i toggle healthbar for monsters

    Hi, i just adjusted my resolution but for some reason I am not seeing the healthbars of MVP monsters. I used to know how much health they have left but i only see their name now. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!