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  1. Coojo

    BOTB: Whitemsith

    Your winners: First Place: Crafty Sadist Second Place: SIRBEAR Third Place: Peasant Number 2 Thank you all for playing and i hope you enjoyed!
  2. Coojo

    BOTB: Whitemsith

    Update: Those wanting to participate will need to sign up via challonge HERE. 10 to 15 minutes will also be made available for signup before the tournament starts.
  3. Coojo

    BOTB: Whitemsith

    Edit: Costume Emperors Wreath (ID: 19774) has been changed to Champion Wreath (ID: 5320)
  4. Coojo

    BOTB: Whitemsith

    If you see someone trying to melee you, there are only two reasons they would do so. 1) They have the ifrit rings (You will see them use skills not intended for whitesmith to use so that would be fairly obvious and 2) They're trying to coma you. Use GTB.
  5. Coojo

    BOTB: Whitemsith

    True, but even with an axe the odds are 1/2500 if you are using 4 lord of death cards or you are sacrificing your shield for the guillotine you have a 1/500 chance. Between the fact that it’s not that difficult to disrupt melee with cart revolution and the tournament is double elimination, the...
  6. Coojo

    BOTB: Whitemsith

    There are a couple factors i considered: 1) There is a skill skill available to all Whitesmiths that can effectively disrupt the melee of other Whitesmiths. Just dont get stuck against a wall. 2) The odds of coma actually killing someone are .2~0.04% depending on the weapon or cards of choice...
  7. Coojo

    BOTB: Whitemsith

    Coma is allowed.
  8. Coojo

    BOTB: Whitemsith

    BEST OF THE BEST: WHITESMITH Hello, Everyone! First and foremost, congratulations to Egg for winning Guild Of The Month! With GoTM complete for the month of March, we are gearing up and getting ready for the restart of another bRO tradition: Best Of The Best! So dust off your carts, polish...
  9. Coojo


    Just so these don't go unaddressed: GM gave his/her own guild +900 vit. Literally an impossibility for everyone except Wolfie, Redcar, Bunki and perhaps Touhou. The notion that anyone else on the staff team is editing the stats of a guild they favor is completely fallacious. GM muted rival...
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    Post what you're listening to

  11. Coojo

    Everyone please welcome @[432:@Jack] to the BlackoutRO staff!

    Everyone please welcome @[432:@Jack] to the BlackoutRO staff!
  12. Coojo

    Suggestion What Happen To the server Map not available ??

    It wasn't brought down by anyone intentionally if anyone did it at all. This does happen on the rare occasion though, sometimes seemingly with no identifiable reason. For reference, this was the first time this has happened in months as far as i am aware. I don't expect it to happen again for...
  13. Coojo

    Massive Lag Spikes

    Something i noticed during the event earlier today was that i experience significantly more lag when i am full screen compared to windowed. I assume its not your hardware's limitations due to your computer being "brand spanking new," so I'm inclined to think that running the game at a lower...
  14. Coojo

    Congratulations to GOTM: March victors... Egg!

    Congratulations to GOTM: March victors... Egg!
  15. Coojo

    Old account

    Hi there, if you have access to the email attached to the account you can recover it here: If you do not have access to that email, you may file a ticket here: Also, i suggest refraining from posting your...
  16. Coojo

    Unable to card items

    Are you sure you have the item you wish to add the card to unequipped while you are trying?
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    Battlegrounds is an automated battle between two pre-organized teams. You can join with the command @joinbg and you can (currently) select which team you are on and what preference of game mode to pick. There are 5 modes that can be chosen by the participants: Flavious: The goal of the Flavius...
  18. Coojo

    All the rewards i am able to send have been mailed out. The rest will be provided by...

    All the rewards i am able to send have been mailed out. The rest will be provided by wolfie/redcar at their earliest convenience. Thanks for your cooperation and congrats to the winners of todays event!
  19. Coojo

    BlackoutRO 3vs3 PVP Event

    Congratulations team wtfbesteventgmcoojo! They took first place with a comeback late in the final round after being down 0-2 eventually taking the match 3-2! Very impressive stuff at the end! Second place team: German Rock Band Third place team: Mang0 Nation
  20. Coojo

    BlackoutRO 3vs3 PVP Event

    Registration is now CLOSED! You may edit pre-existing posts still.