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  1. Cynosure

    Reporting a scammer!

    This game died 6 months ago WTF why even bother
  2. Cynosure

    Important Server Announcement - Please Read

    LMFAO it died again
  3. Cynosure

    Important Server Announcement - Please Read

    IGN Golden Sperm mail it ;C
  4. Cynosure

    Important Server Announcement - Please Read

    Sharingan VR FR please let me experience being rish :'( /heh
  5. Cynosure

    Hello, starting out new !

    if you're fine playing with 15 people (mostly 8 and AFK) then welcome
  6. Cynosure

    Guild Elitists >> the one true guild!!!!

    thats the spirit man
  7. Cynosure

    Solved Esma skill on Soul Linker?

    is the esma and estun/estin maxed?
  8. Cynosure

    Important Server Announcement - Please Read

    problem is, it's hard to get people to help rebuild the server. I talked to a guy, he said he's willing to help but not take ownership. He has experience handling servers in the past. I suggest you guys use the money to pay devs and make updates. @Pixellius is really good but he has a job and...
  9. Cynosure

    Important Server Announcement - Please Read

    Just logged in and saw how hopeless bRO is. It still has a chance but I doubt it'll work. I've tried talking to people who can take the position as admin, but all of them are either busy or lazy. Best we can do is hope for someone to save bRO though it is really impossible with its current...
  10. Cynosure

    Important Server Announcement - Please Read

    I still want to push the server, but I guess the community already decided. Best of luck @redcar @Wolfie . @Pixellius you're the man.
  11. Cynosure

    Important Server Announcement - Please Read

    I'am so sad reading this, I've trying to push bRO to be alive again for some time, hoping that something will happen. If only i know how to handle a server I would've stepped up. You guys did a great job, Joe and Ryan. This is what we waited for. A decision to either close or continue running...
  12. Cynosure

    I’m new

    I'll give you a whole set for 1 FR please /heh
  13. Cynosure

    Blackout Reboot (A Vision)

    Why even bother, the gms are deaf. We've been suggesting %#!@ since GM-Bunki/Vanish was a thing. This server is dead. No advertisements, MvP cards are easy to get same with EX Items and all the GMs are long gone. @Jack even tried to do something about this shitty server but no actions are being...
  14. Cynosure

    Question God Items Quest?

    The only quest that gives you good equipment I know is The Sign quest. There aren't really good quest in the server at the moment. I hope @Jack creates one for us
  15. Cynosure

    BOTB: Whitemsith

    Cody I respect you as a friend. Please listen to us when we say things that came from our experiences. It's not that simple. Even if we counter Coma and Ifrit rings do you really want everyone Auto Attacking to victory? Yes I know to become the best you need to counter all strategy the...
  16. Cynosure

    BOTB: Whitemsith

    I'll charge you and force you to the side. I'll put a thick bum FOG and full redux equipment. I'll slowly(197 ASPD BTW) @#&% you with my coma axe and my ifrit ring. To take out your chance of winning I'll be running a high HP build. MWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA @Coojo Do you really want this...
  17. Cynosure

    BOTB: Whitemsith

    no to coma and ifrit rings pls