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  1. Wolfie

    IP issues

    Did you enable @locksys then change PC? You can disable @locksys if you remember the password you used: If you have access to the PC you locked it to, you can login bRO there, then go to a Kafra in-game to disable locksys (or just type...
  2. Wolfie


    Issue resolved by downloading the zip full installer from Original installed using exe installer, which occassionaly causes installation issues.
  3. Wolfie


    Do you have Discord? Can you please PM me on Wolfie#5325 and I will try to help you with your issue.
  4. Wolfie

    Question Mysterious Crane Secrets Revealed?

    First secret: There are some items that can be obtained that are not listed under any category. You can get them at a small chance on any category. The lower the category, the higher chance they can appear. One of these items I think some people already have (Kingdom Wing). The others - to be...
  5. Wolfie

    Guide Rare Card Trader

    There are a number of locations he can be found. Some time each morning, there is a chance he will move. He always moves to a place near him on the map until he gets to a dead end, where he will either turn around or go back to Amatsu.
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    Hello friend.
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    News: Live Streamers - Please Contact Us

    Hello, We understand there are now a number of players live streaming BlackoutRO. We would like to offer our support via promotion and providing an environment to assist them. If you are currently streaming once a week or more, or intend to start streaming, please contact me either here (via...
  8. Wolfie

    Solved Error

    Hi @leira23. Please contact me via Discord PM (my Discord is Wolfie#5325) and I will try to help you. If you do not have Discord, PM me here on the Forum. In the meantime, you can reset the position of your character on the Control Panel. Login to the Control Panel...
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    Please file ticket here:
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    bye aleyyy sorry i got your char gender wrong on the statue haha
  11. Wolfie

    News: Upcoming Update on June/02/2020

    It is a semi-secret NPC which you should try to discover. We can only give you one clue. In the May 4 update, the clue was "ask for directions." Hope you find it.
  12. Wolfie

    Solved bug about starting bRO

    @airman sorry about the latest issue. That was a problem on our end. An update to our forum software caused issues with the patcher/rss feed, making it hang indefinitely. The issue has been fixed and the patcher should now run fine (although we still have not yet fixed the display of news in...
  13. Wolfie

    Away Dec 22 to Jan 5

    thanks for bumping. more liek away Dec 22 to April 1
  14. Wolfie

    hogake moves #1

    hogake moves #1
  15. Wolfie

    Question Mysterious Crane Secrets Revealed?

    do you want the secrets of the crane revealed? or better left a mystery?
  16. Wolfie

    Question Hunter hat black

    Hi @Hastag. There are 3 Wolf Boy NPCs located somewhere in Amatsu. The main one is easy to find, he does the Hunter's Tokens. One recolours Hunter's Hat. Another recolours Wolf Hood thingy.
  17. Wolfie

    Question Help...

    I think the other two you have to look in the other headgear quests.
  18. Wolfie

    Solved Restoration / Ecall BUG

    Thanks for the report. Will try to change it for the next maintenance.
  19. Wolfie

    Event: Post a Screenshot for our Facebook Cover Photo

    Update: All prizes have been sent out as of this edit! The winner is @MoonLight. I will send them 1x /eventcredit. Consolation (5x /donationcredit) @lkboy @SupremeSeb @Arving (changed entry via forum PM) Second consolation: Surprise! Everyone else will receive 15x /minigamecredit...
  20. Wolfie

    Event: Post a Screenshot for our Facebook Cover Photo

    Hey all, entries have now closed. We'll accept the late entries. There will be a post both here in the thread and on our Facebook when the winner(s) have been finalised. Thanks for your submissions! Update Apr/29 Tue 14:07 UTC: Will choose the new cover photo tomorrow! + consolation prizes...