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  1. hogake_moves

    Looking for good future updates.

    the server is alive until now 2021. less player play.
  2. hogake_moves

    Update: June 27, 2021 @ 1:30

    wow still have a patch note in 2021. what does this script? buff and nerf champion hero. next patch.
  3. hogake_moves


    what new now in bro? still less player. GG
  4. hogake_moves

    News: Upcoming Maintenance on Mar/22/2021

    nice first maintenance in 2021.
  5. hogake_moves

    Question Guide pls sa barricade

    oh yeah KiPOY. haha
  6. hogake_moves

    Question Guide pls sa barricade

    correct he said haha try to explore via the net. haha
  7. hogake_moves

    Suggestion 3rd Jobs?

    not this time black outro will back the 3rd class again. like old bro before close. just play another server if you like 3rd class job. haha
  8. hogake_moves

    Solved Account

    haha so confuse your English sentence haha just sent a ticket he said haha.
  9. hogake_moves

    Suggestions rental!

    correct all rental cannot ups. only not rental can ups. rental is good for effect with some 1 slot if not nx type. just farm a lot wb and buy not rental type. and do ups it.
  10. hogake_moves

    Suggestion More solo friendly games...

    you can get a by a solo player. haha play DEVO SPP type in woe and get pay after woe if they have a salary. BG = win or lose have wb.
  11. hogake_moves

    Question anyone have a stalker build?

    so hard if the creator is spammer SPP and sd fast. you cannot FULL STRIPS if buff FCP. MAGIC = GTB need a team to kill. haha
  12. hogake_moves

    Question anyone have a stalker build?

    hybrid stalker builds like. nw type magic or FSK type melee.
  13. hogake_moves

    I want money

    i have "wanpettie" here. unli pop. haha if u need money XD
  14. hogake_moves

    Guild Thread Egg Guild

    the best guild in bro ever quality vs quantity ITLOG guild /no1
  15. hogake_moves

    News: Live Streamers - Please Contact Us

    use OBS is common now for streaming a game.
  16. hogake_moves

    MVP Card

    correct said 10% all card. to make fun to hunt a card. /no1
  17. hogake_moves

    News: Staff applications are OPEN!

    damn, I like to apply busy I am IRL already. good luck all applying /no1
  18. hogake_moves

    Question Mysterious Crane Secrets Revealed?

    1001% better mystery crane. /no1
  19. hogake_moves

    feedback in game spec

    ok. I try that and test soon in woe or bg have a lot player if fps drop or lag.
  20. hogake_moves

    Suggestion GS RANGE