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    Hi I'm Mark new in the community

    Welcome mark! ;)
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    Stucked at the 5th part of the sign quest

    Aight dude i'll try. I let you know 1539405155 Done with the quest, Thanks for the tip @Death Adder
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    Host Migration

    Glad to see this post :) this should stop the freezing =p
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    Stucked at the 5th part of the sign quest

    Hi, its been days since i left it hanging. as far as i remember i took the long one. im at the part 5 atm.
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    Suggestion Server Dying Because of Neglect

    I believe the server isn't dying =) there are lots of newbies currently playing including me myself. And yea i don't find the server boring, i find it competitive =) We have a long road to go +1 bRO keep up the good work! :) It's sad of how people think that scripting and implementing things can...
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    Stucked at the 5th part of the sign quest

    1. Go near the Witch, Kirkena and she'll tell you about the dangers of the quest. She also tell you to prove yourself is by bringing her the Symbol of the Nine Realms and asks you to keep it as a secret. Go near her again and she'll ask you to come from the headstone near the stairs on the...
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    Solved About The Sign Quest

    Alright! thanks guys! :)
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    Solved About The Sign Quest

    Could any staff member check for the sign quest? if it's working? i tried it once but i failed because some npcs aren't working. Thanks!
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    Suggestion Current Server Situation

    There should be a specific zenny npc like what other currencies have./? Zenny Shop Items Lists: • Costume Headgears - 3,000,000,000 each • All X Items - 4,000,000,000 each • Box Of panting Box [100] - 100,000,000 each • Speed Potion Box [100] - 100,000,000 each • Battle Ground Items cost -...
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    I have to say goodbye

    Have a break have a kitkat. Hope to see you soon wolfie =D
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    Hi, MSO

    Welcome aboard! :)
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    Whats up :)

    That's fore sure :)
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    Whats up :)

    Delayed introduction, hi guys im luxury =) see y'all in game. Let's all have fun on BG! :D