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    Goodbye bRO - aleyyy
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    Suggestion Bring back Ex items in DC Shop

    fix the economy first
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    bg ring

    okay na pala gumagana naman pala
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    bg ring

    hello sir / maam i just wanna report that the 5% atk effect of glorious ring and medallion is not working
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    Suggestion About BG

    hahaha nakapag farm na ako kaso tingin ko hindi worth para sa price niya
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    Suggestion About BG

    Im talking about the glorious set not weapon sir
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    Suggestion About BG

    I Suggest that glorious effect should be change here in bRO because the bg armor that worth around 100 w/ slot is still better than wearing the glorious item w/ no slot that cost around 1000+
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    Feedback MONKS is the champion of this server.

    its easy to counter AD and w/o SPP they are almost useless. and they haven't seen how champ is OP at BG haha