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    Class Guide MvP Hunter Build

    Double attack or crits, mine still using double attacks
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    Is it ded ?

    long time going vacuum playing this, is it ded or just gone hibernation? and for how long it's been ded? sorry, folks, i'm out of the loop for a while
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    Class Guide Lazy Hand SinX MVP Build

    Here's the good old left click sinX mvp for you lazy mofos, who crying about the difficulty in mvping in bRO This guide is presented for you lazy mofos who's too lazy to toggle the button for sura-ing the damn mvp The stats: STR: 450 AGI: until max aspd while sitting in quagmire DEX: until no...
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    Question Need help on SinX build MVP :((

    dont better release the kraken in omega mvp pls, too desperate already
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    Question Need help on SinX build MVP :((

    weapon: 2x +10 orcish axe(triple abysmal + paper), since most mvp are large size head top: marionette doll - str+1 (vanberk) head mid&low: anything up to your budget armor: valk armor/glit jacket (rsx/gloom) garment: wool(aliot) footgear: tidal(eddga/matyr) acc: ring/cursed hands (owl duke&baron...
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    Guide Mystical Card Album Cards

    now where the hell is that freaking hat? cant see it on donation npc the rental one is just a placebo, dont have the effect for dropping the moca
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    Guide The Crane Categories

    whats this? not really newb here i forgot abt this one