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    bug about starting bRO

    Have you tried running the setup as an administrator?
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    I’m new

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    Class Guide MvP Hunter Build

    Note that drake card only works on large and small monsters, making it ineffective against medium sized MVPs (e.g. LHZ3/4). And since you are using Orcish axes, the damage nullification for monster size is not in effect since axes deal 100% of its base damage to large monsters. It is also better...
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    Solved Face of Death giving more MATK than +6 3d

    Either the script or the description is wrong. The developers should work on this before people actually spend their resources in something misleading.
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    Solved Incan samurai card has Bug !!!!! very long time

    Which database did you base it on? For most servers I have played it ignores the totality of target's defense.
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    Was anyone hired to fix the banker?

    Was anyone hired to fix the banker?
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    true lol

    true lol
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    When is Halloween Event??

    It's sad that most of us have been hopeful for so long.
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    Class Guide Unspoken Thoughts - MVP Linker Guide

    Faster Kaizel cast. Effective against bosses that reflect your magic just like FBH. Although it still casts slow cast on you, it still helps.
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    In game font size

    I'm not exactly sure if you can change the in game font but you can try connecting to the server with Arabic support and check if you can see the font better.
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    News: Host Migration

    I was able to connect using the old folder. There was a small patch though which I believe is related to the host transfer. Do I still need to download the new installer?
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    News: Lag, Events and Current Status

    Your ping is higher than your IQ
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    Class Guide Meta Four's In-Depth PvP/WoE/BG (Magic) Soul Linker Guide

    Excellent guide! An underrated class, indeed.